5 Body Language Tips For Success

Boost your confidence with a power pose
If you want to appear, and feel, more confident, then try adopting a power-pose. Researchers at the Harvard Business School found that standing up straight with your feet out, or sitting back in your chair with your feet on your desk and your hands clasped behind your neck, increases your sense of dominance and power. If you adopt a power-poise for a few minutes before going into a meeting, you’ll feel much more confident when you speak.

Use a subtle smile
Smiles and laughter should be used carefully, because a big, permanent grin on your face will make you look reckless, while constant laughter can make you seem frivolous, and is annoying. If you laugh and smile genuinely, however, that will make you come across as warm and friendly.

Think about how you position your feet
When you turn to talk to someone, turn your whole body around and point your feet towards them as well. If your feet are pointing away from the person you’re talking to, that tells them that you don’t really want to talk to them at all. Even worse than that, if your feet are facing the door, then tell the other person that you’re ready to leave.

It will avoid the formation of barriers
If you create barriers between you and other people, then they will stop at what you say. Slouching and crossing your arms in front of you discourages people from being open with you, so adopt a relaxed, open stance that will invite more interaction.

Be aware of cultural differences
If you are travelling abroad, or if you are meeting visitors from abroad, it would be a good idea to check online for major differences in culture and etiquette. In some countries, for example, it’s an insult to offer your left hand to shake, because it’s the hand you’re supposed to use to clean yourself with in the bathroom.

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