How to become a more confident woman?

At every stage of your life, self-confidence will always play a major role. Bad news, this character is not innate. However, if you start off on the right foot, it is entirely possible to learn to improve the confidence you have for yourself. You’re going to tell me that this is much easier said than done. And I’m not going to contradict you. Indeed, people who say, “but try to have more confidence in yourself” don’t know how difficult it can be.

Besides, this sentence will never make us grow. On the contrary, it is a real source of pressure. And if you are very shy or reserved by nature, it would be nothing short of a fighter’s course. Good news: you have the chance to come out a winner! All you have to do is follow some sharp advice from a woman who has the privilege of being confident.

You don’t know any such person in your entourage? Don’t worry, this is where I come in. As I understand how difficult it is for some women to be confident, I decided to write an article that will help them turn their daily lives and their way of life upside down.

And before I even start reading, I would like to reassure you that it is not at all difficult to go from the person you are to someone who lights up the room as soon as she enters it. So there’s no need to torment yourself. Try to get rid of all the weight that weighs on you and don’t give room for frustration. Take a deep breath and pay attention, because every step is of paramount importance, even the one you think is unnecessary. I would also ask you not to be impatient, as this will do no good.

What is self-confidence?

To become the confident person you dream of being, it is important that you know what self-confidence really means. It is an attitude that allows you to move forward to achieve your goals. It is acquired through inner security, an affirmation of your needs, the acquisition of certain specific skills and, above all, a recognition by others of what you do and who you are.

My vision of seeing things

But I would like to tell you that self-confidence is above all an experience. It is the ability to know that you can cope with the ups and downs of life and especially with the challenges that daily life imposes on you. A person who has confidence in himself and in his ability to see things, to think, to learn, to choose, to decide and to adapt to all the changes that may occur. In addition to all this, the confident person is also the one who believes in his own happiness.

Self-confidence does not come from another person.

Contrary to what one might think, self-confidence is not a kind of illusion of happiness. It is not the same feeling you have when someone compliments you, when you are given a gift or when you receive a promotion. It’s not a feeling you get from an outside intervention. Neither your parents, your friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend, let alone your therapist, can give it to you. This feeling of confidence that outside intervention brings is only ephemeral. On the other hand, true self-confidence is long term.

Things Confident Women Do Differently

We all know a woman, who when she enters a room, illuminates everything around her. She is not necessarily the most beautiful of all, not even the thinnest, nor the prettiest, and even less the most intelligent. But she is still different from the others. And everything she does is devoid of arrogance. She is the woman you want to become, the one you secretly envy. Do you want to know their secret? She sees life in a different way and acts in a different way. It’s not that she lives in a different world, but she does things differently.

1- She accepts herself as she is

Her goal in life is to be herself. No more and no less. Since she is not afraid to face her fears, whims and anxieties, her little “flaws” suddenly become qualities. Do you find it difficult to take charge of your body? This is the case for millions of other women. Instead of dwelling on those little things that you don’t like, make sure you highlight all the positive things you’re proud of. Feel like you’re really not smart compared to your friends? Stop comparing your degrees to others and do the things you’re good at. When you accept yourself as you are, no one will be able to reach you.

2- It has a unique ritual

Most of the great thinkers, artists, lecturers, lawyers and performers of our time have a unique ritual to improve their performance before “getting on the stage”. But in addition to that, these rituals also aim to improve your feelings of the moment. Rituals can create a certain feeling of well-being, even before you achieve what you want to do. The confident woman will not hesitate, for example, to walk around her apartment in high heels to be ready to dance on her first date with her new lover. She will also do breathing exercises to feel calmer. If you want to have confidence in yourself, it is therefore essential to find the ritual that will succeed in calming your nerves and mentally prepare you to face specific situations.

3- She is not afraid to spend time alone

A drop in confidence can occur when you have to face defeat or when you are forced to be alone, for example because of a problem. What you don’t know is that being alone can be a real gift. Let me explain. No moment can strengthen your confidence more than the time you spend with yourself. The time of that moment will allow you to get to know yourself a little more. But beware, if you spend your time reminiscing about all the miseries that come into your life, you will only increase your insecurities. So try to find a way to make the most of the precious moment you give yourself: relax in a jacuzzi, do yoga, eat, etc.

4- It takes nothing (or very little) personally

Do you know a confident woman who takes everything personally? No! Because I don’t either. The confident woman is the one who knows that all the hurtful things that others may say about her are more a reflection of themselves than of themselves. When you are able to hear criticism and not take it personally, your outlook changes. No matter how mean some people may be to you, you still have the ability to feel love and compassion for them. Know one thing, real life is not a drama or an episode of your favorite show.

5- She knows how to question herself

In life, change and evolution are important points. If you want to move forward and achieve your goal, you must learn to make change part of your daily life. But it is not just any change. Learn how to make an assessment on your own person. Look at yourself in a mirror and list the points you need to change and the points you don’t need to change. You don’t have to wait for someone to correct you. If you feel that people around you are uncomfortable with an attitude, change it!

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