The Behaviour Of The Zodiac Signs In Times Of Sadness

Aries are impulsive and act in anger. They fail to perform their duties when they are angry and lack enthusiasm.

This sign isolates itself, eats more and becomes lethargic. In moments of sadness they think everyone is against them, they have no patience and get easily annoyed.

Twins worry a lot, become quiet and seem to be always on the other side of the world. They are intolerable to sadness and find it hard to cope with their feelings.

Cancer is emotional and cries for any reason. They prefer to isolate themselves from close people when they are going through difficult times.

This sign always shows that it is stressed and always seems to suffer a nervous breakdown. It has a volcanic temper and turns to those around it when it needs help.

Has a difficult behaviour in moments of sadness. She no longer responds to people in conversation, and when she does she is always against others.

Libras are unstable and prefer not to socialise much. Very often they feel they can’t recover, but they try to be happy and focused on things that help them.

Scorpios become hostile, isolate themselves and can even have violent outbursts. They are melancholic and paranoid, and their thoughts can be frightening.

When sad, Sagittarians can be lethargic and may turn to medication to feel better. They become more serious and less tolerant, and when it comes to the future, they always worry.

In moments of sadness, Capricorn loses hope and motivation. They try to get over it and be happy, but nothing seems to help.

Aquarius is anxious and quiet when sad. In addition, he isolates and detaches himself from the people around him, even though he tries to appear happy.

Pisces is always thinking about all sorts of things and remembering all the unpleasant events they have been through. In difficult moments, they isolate themselves and worry about everything.