8 Wishes That Are Sure To Interest You


Surprise: most men find natural women attractive. Don’t worry. This doesn’t mean we should stop wearing makeup or stop shaving our legs. It means being unaffected and authentic – and for that, it ultimately doesn’t matter whether we wear makeup, dye our hair or have made-up breasts. What matters is that we live out our lives and don’t pretend to please others. That is always attractive.


Men are also human beings (in their own special way ?). Therefore, they need (and deserve) respect just as much as we do, especially from their partner, whom they also appreciate and trust.


Sure, we want someone by our side to boost our self-worth and give us security. But a solid basis should be there regardless of the man – both in our interest and in his. Because if we ourselves are not convinced of ourselves: How can we then expect our partner to be?

free space

Very few men are into us writing them 24 messages a day or demanding that they spend every free minute with us. (Phew, lucky?! Or a problem for you because you’re pathologically jealous? Then learn how to fight your jealousy here).


Deep down, even the toughest guys who are bursting with masculinity are often mama’s boys who love to be cooked for and want care and compassion when they’re sick. Well, what we don’t do for love …


Fortunately, men love women with a sense of humor! Small caveat: For it to match, of course, it is important that we are intellectually on the same wavelength and have a similar sense of humor. If one rather jumps on the silly, flat joke and the other is sarcastic, there’s often less to laugh.

being used

Hardly anything is worse than feeling superfluous – even for men. Of course, no one wants a toddler as a girlfriend who always needs help everywhere. But letting him be our superman once in a while doesn’t break a sweat. It’s good for his ego, and in the end we also like to be seduced by a hero.


“If you don’t know what’s going on inside me without words, we’re probably not meant for each other” – kid’s crap! In a relationship or when we are in love, we should speak plainly and openly and honestly address what is going on inside us. It’s not that men are basically insensitive or don’t understand psychology, but not everyone wants to play amateur therapist.

Attention! Of course, this is just as true for men as it is for women: Everyone ticks differently and has his own head. In this respect, it differs from man to man what each individual wants in concrete terms. Therefore, in case of doubt, simply stick to point 10: Ask him frankly what he wants – and then decide whether he gets it from us!