The 7 typical lies of married men to their mistresses, and they believe them.

  • One of the typical lies married men tell their mistresses: I feel like you are the woman of my life

There are many reasons why married men fall in love with another woman. And the typical thing in these cases is that they feel that she is the ideal woman of their life but that I am late. It’s not always a lie, but then they can’t reciprocate with formality.

Today in Amor tus Besos we have been reviewing the 10 big lies of married men “to the other one”. You are beautiful, I love you, but she is the mother of my children and I am a responsible man.

  • I would like to formalize what we have, but if I leave her it can hurt her, she loves me too much.

Men’s lies when they cheat are not always the same. But in all cases they are to appear to be more interesting and attractive. Apparently he has more experience and knows how to solve life’s problems. But all these are just typical lies of married men to their mistresses.

He has two women and of course, he knows how to communicate with very nice phrases. He loves to feel that he has two women devoted to him and he always takes care of feeding that ego. I don’t want problems, I love you and I’m afraid of losing you, please understand.

  • Routine has killed our love, please let’s not fall into the same, life is to be enjoyed.

A married man who cheats needs to sweeten his relationship with his lover. He doesn’t want routine with her, he wants to keep the passion going. He seeks her because he is bored at home, he needs to be distracted.

The mistress is always regal as a bride and ready for anything crazy. A married man explains in many ways and insistently that commitment kills love.

Why does a married man fall in love with another woman? With the mistress he feels that he loves danger, his life is rejuvenated and he feels motivated to keep fighting. If the mistress gets into a routine, she stops being interesting.

  • There is no more passion with my wife, I don’t love her, I am just very fond of her.

A married man can speak well or badly of his wife when he is with his mistress. But in both cases what he wants to show is that he does not want to kill the passion between them with a commitment.

A mistress always has to remain bold, lush, not emotionally exhausted by the obligations of home and children. If my wife were more passionate, I wouldn’t be with you.

Always flatter the other, that’s what married men’s typical lies to their mistresses are all about. Motivate them to always stay beautiful and bold especially with them.

  • What lies do married men tell? I am more and more in crisis with my wife

The marital crisis is always one of the 10 lies of married men to conquer “the other”. If I was fine with her I wouldn’t look for you. If my wife wasn’t so problematic. We are about to get divorced or I am getting divorced.

The most common lies of married men to their mistresses are to balance themselves emotionally. From a supposedly troubled home they want a moment of relaxation and tranquility.

My wife has changed a lot, she gets hysterical out of nowhere and at any time. I can’t be alone, I need your support.

  • You have become the woman of my life, but she is the mother of my children, I can’t leave her so easily.

The typical lies of married men to their lovers are always emotional. He wants you to be moved, feel sorry for him, understand and support him.

He is going to show himself as a responsible father, the “ideal father”. The lover also likes that idea. But this reinforces his position as “the other”. Big and beautiful emotions, that’s what the best lies of married men are all about.

For a mistress it is not difficult to admit that for a man his children will always come first. My children are still small, they need me, please understand. My children adore their mother, I can’t make her suffer by leaving her.

  • It’s a good thing I met you, because when I’m with you I feel life in all its fullness.

Of course, for a married man passion in a good love relationship is very important. He assures that with his wife there is no longer that spark that used to ignite them. We sleep in separate rooms. Her social life is more important than me.

With you I do what I don’t dare to do with my wife. You make me feel better about myself and my life. Make me feel important, that’s the purpose of the typical lies of married men to their mistresses. She has left, she has put on weight, and the magic is over.

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