All relationships start promisingly, with big emotions and sleepless nights, butterflies in the stomach and thousands of beautiful thoughts. However, as soon as the initial flame has faded, some relationships hit a roadblock because the moment of falling in love doesn’t coincide with true love. At first there is attraction, but then love builds. If you find yourself feeling lonely in a relationship and wondering if you’re really in love, here are 20 signs that your partner may not feel what you want.

Love is built step by step, it requires commitment from both partners, but also a “ground level” match between the two, so that they intuitively communicate and understand each other, listen to each other’s needs, have relatively common values in life, otherwise they may end up, sooner or later, going their separate ways.

It is said that those who are a good match intuitively understand each other, seek and listen to each other, give each other their time without feeling that this is a burden, help each other in every job and have common goals in life, both see the couple going in the same directions. But when these things don’t come naturally, it’s possible for a rift to develop in the couple.

Here are 20 signs that should give you pause for thought about how your partner feels about you:

  • He rarely tells you he loves you.
  • Avoids physical contact with you.
  • He rarely if ever hugs you.
  • When you’re both at home, he always finds something else to do, something he does alone and not with you.
  • He stays on the phone when you’re together.
  • He doesn’t get involved in household chores, he expects you to do everything for him.
  • He rarely says “thank you”.
  • Is not interested in solving couple problems.
  • If you try to open a sensitive discussion, he either brushes it off or ignores you because he doesn’t like the subject.
  • Becomes less and less financially involved in the relationship.
  • Try to change yourself.
  • He has new friends that you fail to find out much about.
  • He doesn’t make time for you for pleasure. May not make time for you even when asked.
  • He often tells you he needs space.
  • Is negative, doesn’t believe in your plans for the couple, criticizes them and pokes fun at your flaws.
  • He doesn’t call you as often, doesn’t seek you out, doesn’t seem to miss you.
  • He’s not curious to ask you how your day was, and even refuses to tell you. He may accuse you of complaining too much.
  • He doesn’t remember what you told him, and even contradicts you for not having that talk.
  • He doesn’t care about your needs.
  • He is no longer committed to the couple’s well-being and to maintaining the relationship.

He is also likely to feign love, often telling you that he loves you and making you angry when he sees you, but his gestures say otherwise. He doesn’t listen to you, doesn’t care about your needs, refuses to discuss important issues and quickly disappears into “his world” so that even if he is at home with you, he becomes unapproachable.