We’re no longer looking for love, just the euphoric feeling of the beginning and the sense of belonging.

Why are relationships so hard these days? Why do we fail every time even though we try so hard not to? Why do we find it harder and harder to stay in a relationship? Have we forgotten how to love? Or even worse, have we forgotten what love really is?

We are not ready to make sacrifices, to compromise, for unconditional love. We’re not ready to invest whatever it takes to make a relationship work the way it should, we want everything to be simple and that’s why we don’t let love develop, we give up too early at the first hurdle.

We don’t know how to love madly anymore, we just give ourselves away madly.

We are no longer looking for real love, just the euphoric feeling of the beginning and the feeling of belonging. We just want someone to go to the movies and parties with, because that’s what feels good, we no longer want someone who really understands us even when we’re just looking at each other. We spend time together, but we don’t make lasting memories because we don’t want the classic boring life. We don’t want a partner for life just someone to have fun with and make us feel good in the moment. When the excitement starts to wear off we realise that no one has really told us how everyday life works and we end up not believing in the future being blinded by the current adventure.

We get carried away by the hustle and bustle of the city and the daily work and we put our personal life on the back burner because we have no time for anything else, no social life and no patience to build something beautiful with someone else.

We are all busy people chasing dreams in which love relationships have no place and are just a convention.
We don’t do anything for free anymore, we expect rewards at every turn, for any gesture of kindness, no matter how small and normal it actually is. Whatever we do we have to check in because otherwise we don’t exist and it doesn’t matter, from the career we choose to the man we share our life with, everything is chosen online. We want mature relationships, but we no longer have the patience to build them on trust and mutual knowledge, we want everything to be instantaneous including that physical contact connection that comes over years and years of experiences spent together.

Most of the time we would happily spend an hour of our lives with a thousand people instead of just one, instead of that special person who fills our souls. We think this gives us more options but it just ruins our lives. We think we thrive better if we are social and if we meet more people at the same time without really knowing any of them. We are greedy, we want to have absolutely everything to ourselves. We get into a relationship at the slightest sign of physical contact attraction then get out of it as soon as we realize we’ve made a huge mistake and our eyes run to someone better. We almost never want to develop anything with that person, we just want them to be perfect. We date a lot, but rarely give anyone a real chance and leave disappointed in everyone.

Technology has brought us together in a way, so much so that we can’t breathe if we don’t see someone’s posts. Our physical presence has been replaced by sms and mms, voicemails and video calls, all of which have brought us to the stage where we no longer feel the need to be with anyone, because we are just fed up with what we “communicate” online and have nothing to talk about face to face.