The Gestures Of Men And Their Meaning

Gestures are also a part of male body language that should not be underestimated. The signs here are much more subtle than in the case of posture, but can still be recognized with a trained eye. So: Eyes open, because in the gestures quite primal behaviors come on the table!

He crosses his arms behind his head. He puffs himself up and shows off his muscles. Hey, the man is using his body language to impress you! This is what’s called “courtship.” And no, this doesn’t only exist in the animal world! Men just want to look good in front of us women. So when he makes himself look taller or confident, it’s supposed to reflect well on him.

His palms point upward in conversation.
This means he trusts you. If he were to turn his palms down, it would signal insecurity.

He is unconsciously making himself presentable
This includes all movements that are governed by his subconscious. Examples include running his hands through his beard or hair and tugging at his own shirt. He is trying to make himself pretty for you by doing this. He is probably nervous, which is reflected in these uncontrolled hand movements. And that’s a good sign in this respect, after all….

He hangs like a sip of water in the bend
Here, unfortunately, the body language from the man says something that we don’t like to hear at all. He’s not making any effort to put himself out there for you. Now there are two possibilities: Either the guy wants to come across as casual as possible and impress you that way, or he simply has no interest in you.

He strokes his eyebrows
This gesture tells you that he wants to get to know you better. Now is the time to talk about personal things as well.