Can a long-distance relationship work?

In most people’s minds, long-distance relationships are doomed to failure. However, relationships between two people hundreds or thousands of kilometers apart can work well and sometimes better than a relationship between two people who live in the same city. A dating site like Our Website, is open to people who may live in the same country or on different continents. Many people are reluctant, distrustful when it comes to a long distance relationship. We asked our members and 53% of those surveyed would not be willing to give a long distance relationship a chance. But if it’s the perfect person, living on the sea ice, then surely it’s worth going to meet him or her. Here we give you some advice on how to manage a long-distance relationship.

Maintain regular contact

Because a relationship is built on communication, if you don’t talk to the other person, the relationship is unlikely to succeed. The modern world offers us many means of communication – telephone, Sms, e-mails, Skype etc. – and the offer is constantly being modernized to best meet our expectations. Make sure you put them to good use. You need to be present in a person’s life almost every day. Also don’t forget to use the postal letter. A love letter received by mail is always exciting.

Make the effort

Long-distance relationships require much more effort than a relationship where the person is close. Taking a crowded train in the late afternoon on Fridays, travelling 500 km or more is always more strenuous than travelling ten or twenty kilometers to reach your loved one. Constantly remember that this person is worth the effort and, above all, continue to make the effort to have him or her in front of you.

Discussing the future

A long-distance relationship needs a little more momentum to sustain it, so be brave and engage in conversion. If you want the person you just met to come to you from miles away, in a very remote place, you must be willing to give something special in return, which may well be a suggestion of a future to share together. People are not as complicated as you might think sometimes, but they need to know what they are going to get in return for their personal investment.

Enjoy the distance

Have a positive attitude towards your long-distance relationship. Many couples would give their right arm to cut for just a little space. Enjoy the fact that your partner isn’t there all the time (at the moment) and make the most of your time. Enjoy and savor the anticipation of seeing your partner rather than feeling lonely and on the verge of tears.

Life has surprises in store for us and the best is yet to come.

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