9 signs of true love that a guy says to you in NO words

Let’s face it: men simply weren’t raised to notoriously profess love to us. They’re usually pretty reserved about it. There are exceptions, of course, but they prefer to show it rather than tell it. Relationship experts say these are the signs that clearly show that a man genuinely loves you, even if he doesn’t say it.

He listens to what you say
Whatever little things you share with him, he’s clearly interested. He’ll notice if you mention that you used to skate on the ice on Lake Venice when you were a kid or that you love sushi. If your female chirping is important to him, it’s a sign of sincere affection.

Often occurs
It depends on the type, of course, but a man in love usually can’t go a day without somehow making contact with you. He calls you, writes to you, sends you something cute by email: the point is that he’s looking. He wants to hear your voice, he wants to know how your day is going. He can’t tear himself away from you.

“He” looks at you
I think the true love look is something that quite a few women can infallibly recognize. If he keeps his eyes on you for a long time, if you look at each other and just radiate tenderness and devotion, what more do you need? Believe his look, it tells you more than his words.

He wants to be with you
It really is that simple. Okay, you’re busy, work, family, friends, hobbies. But when a guy really loves you, the question “When will I see you?” comes up almost every time you talk. And he makes time for you. Even if you have to bum around town, tired.

In a good way. He’ll wait for you after work, or show up with a rose and tell you he’s taking you out to dinner. If you mention that you like artisan chocolate, he’ll bring it to you next time. Or a fridge magnet because he saw you collecting it and found a cute one. The point is, he wants to give you real pleasure with whatever little thing he can.

He dares to show his vulnerability
He trusts you enough to open up and admit when he’s feeling weak at times. He’s not afraid to talk about his fears, what hurts him, what may have hurt him in the past. He doesn’t complain, he just shows you himself honestly. That’s a huge confidence for a man to have, so appreciate it.

He wants to be close to you
You could say he’s keeping his hands off you, and you’d be pretty close to the truth. A man in love is physically seeking your closeness. He can fiddle with your hair, give you an unexpected hug, play with your hands, kiss the top of your head when he walks past. He’s always hovering around you, because every part of him longs for you.

Keeps important dates in mind
Birthdays, anniversaries, or the day you first said “I love you” to each other. He remembers these, even if he’s otherwise forgetful. He remembers things about you because they are important to him.

You are the first
Of course he has a life, but you feel that he is always “including” you in everything. He includes you in his activities (say, a beer with his friends), consults with you, puts you at the top of his priority list. You never feel neglected or left out of his life. You’re a team, and he makes you feel it.

Yes, it’s important for a man to say nice things to you sometimes. Yes, he should dare to say he loves you. But words really are more important than actions. If he does most of the above for you, you can be sure that you are not just a nice pastime for him, but that he really loves you deeply and sincerely.