How to make a man long for you: 3 tried and tested ways

Many women wonder how to make sure they keep a man’s interest as long as possible and prevent their lover from getting bored of them. In an attempt to achieve this, they start taking more and more initiative in relationships, doing everything themselves, leaving no opportunity for the man to join in the common work called love. In order not to make a mistake and not to bring the relationship to its lamentable end, let us take into account the advice of psychologists.

Quite often we find ourselves in the following situation – in the first weeks everything is magical, and then suddenly the love of our life begins to dilute the calls, make excuses for his problems in business, sometimes completely disappear from our lives, as if he had never been part of it.

We begin to think that this relationship simply has no future. Do not rush! First, check out these four ways that will help you fix things.

This is the most important tip and is especially helpful for women who are in a long-term relationship or are even married. The essence of the method is to maintain life balance in all areas of life that bring pleasure.

For example, here you can include your favorite work, children, husband, hobby. Psychologists recommend remembering that each of these areas needs the same degree of support. If a woman devotes herself entirely to caring for children, then the relationship with the man begins to suffer, leading to imbalance and disharmony.

From the very first days of a relationship with a new man, you need to remind yourself that there are other things besides your husband that bring you happiness. You can’t pump all your energy into him as well as deprive him of your attention. The golden mean – that’s what you need!

If you pay too much attention to a man, then he loses his hunter instinct. Because he doesn’t have to do anything to get a woman’s love, she’s giving it to him without even lifting a finger! Such behavior of the lady in no way inspires him to bright deeds. On the contrary, the man withdraws, begins to ring and writes less. Even if a woman thinks about him all day, but in no way shows him her interest physically, the man will still feel it – on an intuitive level. But what to feel when there is … nothing like that!?

Let him know that he can lose you as one nothing
The best way to provoke more interest from a man is to make him think that the woman he loves can be lost. You don’t have to tell him directly. Even psychologists are adamant that this never works. He will laugh and all he will think will be – she is so crazy about me that she is trying to manipulate me. So take another tactic. It’s perfectly sufficient to not pick up your phone whenever it rings, and then explain how busy you’ve been. Or to be late for the meeting. Recall your childhood – what did we long for most when we were little? For what we rarely got! This way you will become the center of attention for him and he will think about you all day long.

The tactic is simple. First you need to show your man all his strengths so he gets used to the nice feeling of someone praising and appreciating him. And then you need to stop doing it for a while. Then this man will think about you constantly, analyzing what has changed and how to return the old situation sooner.

Leave him something to remind him of himself
We all know the fairy tale of Cinderella. The prince had her exquisite shoe. It made him think of her all the time. Psychologists note that this is a very powerful tool for creating interest.

For example, you can ” accidentally” leave an earring or a button in his car – anything. Or in his home. Here you can experiment, the main thing is that he constantly sees this object. The result will be incredibly powerful, especially when combined with the tips above.

But not by flirting with them, of course, but by joking around and just talking – that’s how you’ll get great results. Men are possessive, so your lover will constantly be thinking about how to make sure you see his friends less often. Because he will only want you for himself!

When a man loses interest, it very painfully hurts a woman’s self-esteem. And this is exactly what should not happen! To live a fulfilling life, you need confidence and pride in yourself. Don’t forget it!