Here are 8 habits of very toxic people (and the reasons why they do what they do)

Unfortunately, toxic people are among us. Those who do the following, and do it on purpose, are the ones to watch out for!

They criticize to destroy the self-confidence of others and humiliate the other person
Highly toxic people do not give constructive criticism in order to help. They sound more contemptuous than wise. They make personal attacks on others or point out fabricated mistakes that make the other person feel insecure.

They give unsolicited advice
These pieces of advice come especially in situations where someone makes it clear to them that they are not asking for advice. Unsolicited advice allows such persons to control someone even more, while they complacently watch the other person make a mistake. Moreover, most of this advice is not useful, it only serves to distract from the other person’s progress.

They enjoy spoiling the mood of others
Toxic people like to spoil other people’s mood with their comments. When they see that someone is proud of themselves or something makes them particularly happy, they will come along and insert a rude comment. They do this because they are jealous.

They copy the other person’s mannerisms, work, behaviour – whatever they crave
This is not the high school of flattery, because they do it so often that it can feel like they’ve completely stolen your identity by the end. People like this are always looking at what qualities other people like in other people and taking that away from the other person. Toxic people have no personality of their own, they often imitate sympathetic people, but that doesn’t make them sympathetic.

They become excessively angry when warned of their actions
When dealing with a toxic person, you can often feel their narcissistic rage. This occurs when they deny this person’s superiority. If he goes into such a rage, it is in an attempt to regain control and reassert his superiority.

After mistreating someone, they try to make him feel sorry for him.
This pathetic ploy is just an attempt to make the other person take the blame and not him.

Treating people with contempt, as if they were subordinates
Toxic people believe that others exist to serve them because they deserve to be the center of attention. They do not like to see others succeed and do not want to feel that someone has surpassed them in any way. When they see someone with qualities and strengths that they wish they possess, they threaten to take the attention away from them. They are not afraid to humiliate and humiliate the person in order to get ahead.

Verbally abusing others
Toxic people know that if they repeat something long enough, it will have its effect. Especially if it is verbal abuse. Unfortunately, it lowers the self-worth of others and affects identity development. They know this very well, which is why they use it.

Be careful if you come into contact with such people! Instead, tear him down!