5 Signs That You And Your Partner Are Not Right For Each Other

If one or more of these points apply to your relationship, it’s not necessarily a sign that you need to break up – but it’s a sign that you need to review things in your relationship anyway. After all, a relationship is supposed to lift you up and add something to your life, not give you more worry, sadness and lower self-esteem.

He doesn’t respect you
If your boyfriend shows in one way or another that he doesn’t really respect you, and that his will and feelings should always be put first, that’s a bad sign. He can say lots of nice things, and completely shower you with compliments and reassurances that you are the only and the most important person in the world, but if he doesn’t also show it and constantly makes you compromise who you are and what you want in order to please him, then something is not right in your relationship.

You have different values
You may be thinking that it’s not the end of the world if you have different opinions when it comes to society, politics, religion, the environment and children. But as the environment and the world keep changing, these opinions can grow stronger too. So be sure to talk about more than just yourselves when you’re together. That way you can predict whether you are still working as a team.

You are prepared to do more for him than he does for you
This doesn’t mean you should lose yourself and do exactly everything your partner asks. But it’s important to feel that you can trust your partner, no matter what, and that he will then step up and always be there. Do you always stand up and be there for your partner, but feel that he doesn’t do the same for you? Then it’s time to think about whether he’s really right for you.

You can’t see his friends and family
Obviously, you can’t demand to be let into his entire sphere at once – and the same goes the other way, of course – but if many months and maybe even years go by without you being allowed to see any of his close friends and family, that’s not a good sign. It doesn’t have to be as serious as him living a double life, or him being ashamed of you, but if you’re looking for a deep and close relationship with your partner, you should at least ask why you’re not seeing that part of his life.

He doesn’t make you (much) happier than he makes you sad
While a relationship isn’t always a bed of roses, it’s still very important that your boyfriend makes you happier than he makes you sad. If you feel that arguments and other bickering are taking over from the good times, well, that’s just not right. A partner should be a part of your life because you lift and support each other and give each other joy in life.