5 useful tips on how to compliment a man

Men can be strangely suspicious of compliments. It’s like they wonder what a person’s real motive is when they get a nice compliment. This might be because men don’t complement each other as quickly as women do, so when they get a compliment, it comes as a bit of a shock! They do make love though, especially when a girl is generous with a compliment, so here are ten tips on how to make his day:

No fake compliments
Our first tip on how to compliment a man is to avoid giving fake compliments. Men may not have this much practice in the art of compliments, but they can still spot a fake one when they hear it. If you are going to compliment a man, then make it sincere and real. If you really can’t find a sincere compliment to give, then it’s best to do it at all.

Avoid complementing the physical
Guys are quite sensitive about their own bodies and even a sincere appreciation of a man’s body could be taken the wrong way. Most men have hang-ups about size, strength and stamina, and they are quite likely to think that any comment about their body is a criticism or that they are just being sarcastic.

Use indirect compliments
Another tip on how to compliment a man is – try to give an indirect compliment. If you agree with someone, then pay them an indirect compliment by stating that they are right. The easiest way to compliment a guy is to agree. Agree that Italian is the best dish or that black shoes look cooler than brown, whatever! Agreeing to something is a much more subtle compliment than coming right out with, “You really do taste the most wonderful!”

Compliment on the way you look
Men don’t generally worry about style quite as much as women, but they still like to notice if they’ve made an effort. So a good tip to remember, if complimenting a guy on his clothes, is to compliment the man and not the clothing. What you should be saying is, “You look great in that suit” and not, “That suit looks great”.

Use your smile
Another suggestion on the simple way to compliment a man is – use your beautiful smile. You can give a compliment to a guy just by smiling at him, he will be so happy! An appreciative and genuine smile will make him feel good about himself and you don’t have to say a single word.