8 signs tells you that if a man wants you

Behaviour in the office
In the office there are different rules, so there the man will act differently. For example, at the operative he will choose a place next to you, even if it means prompting someone to get up from the desired place. Furthermore, the distance between you will decrease progressively. So much so that your shoulders will touch. These are all signals that a man wants to make a woman his own.

The scent of a woman
In the vicinity of the female interlocutor who causes excitement, the man will try to catch her scent. And the point is not at all that he is a connoisseur of Chanel No. 5 or any other popular brand.

A woman’s smell is the strongest aphrodisiac. And if the scent of her hair and skin is pleasing to a man, then he perceives his female partner as being ideal for him on a physical level. This is what we usually call “chemistry”. It is important that the natural smell is not overpowered by the scent of an intrusive perfume, cigarette smoke or anything else unpleasant.

It will strive to be perfect
Flawless appearance, pleasant perfume, fashionable hairstyle. The man is even able to change his image to impress the woman he wants.

And he is also able to outdo the Terminator himself – he will never admit to getting tired. Next to the woman he likes, he will try to demonstrate the best sides of his character and always be in an excellent mood.

I am with you
How to find out that a man wants you? If so, then he will seek to occupy not only the space next to you, but also your time. “How about we have breakfast together? Lunch? Dinner? Are you free today? Tomorrow? Day after tomorrow?” And even if you can’t or won’t, he’ll wait. Although, honestly, the anticipation will be hard for him. And that’s also an indicator of his genuine interest in you.

Such suggestions can come from friends, but a friend would invite you to dinner if he has free time that coincides with yours or if he’s bored. And with the man who wants you, everything is different. He will try to be with you as often as possible. And he will tailor his schedule not to his interests, but to yours.

After dinner he will definitely take you home and at the same time he will not forget to ask: “Will you invite me for coffee?” The boyfriend may also offer to drive you, but only if it’s his way. But an interested man is willing to go to the other side of town for the woman he wants. And all so he can be with her a little longer and hopefully get a kiss, of course. All this only happens when a man really wants you!

He may not like dogs and cats, but he’ll be willing to love them for you. Because he will expect a reward for his deeds.

He will be free for you 24 hours a day. But not because you don’t have a job. The fact that he’s willing to rush over at the first request, to help, to always answer the phone is the most obvious indicator that this guy wants you.

Knight on a white horse
He’s not very gallant and doesn’t always give up his seat on public transport, but he’s especially polite to you. If in communicating with you the man gives the impression of a gentleman, then he has placed you above all other ladies and is trying to impress.

He would not allow rudeness or tactlessness, on the contrary, he will always demonstrate his good mood. And most importantly, he will never complain that it is difficult for him. He cannot afford to “fall” in your eyes. Off! And unless you are his direct boss and he has no material interest, there is only one explanation – he wants you!

Ready for anything
Attraction can do wonders, including reborn a man. If he starts doing things that are unusual for his character, for example, risky things or from a shy guy turns into the soul of the company, it does not mean that he is crazy.

If he’s not drunk and is reasonably sane, then he’s just under the influence of hormones that drive him to such behavior. And he has only one goal – to be noticed by the only woman important to him.

Always on your side
The woman a man considers “his” is ready to protect even if there is no particular need for it. He will always give advice and generally try to make you feel completely safe with him.

Hi, how are you?
If you’ve just said “Bye!” and you already have an unread message from this man, it’s a sign that you’ve “hooked” him. And the more he’s interested in your life and all the details of it, the more you can be sure – the man wants you. It’s not about being polite. It’s about love.

You, only you, the rest – later