Is your love the impossible kind?

Some people, especially some poets, are accustomed to see something very beautiful, sublime and even noble in cultivating a platonic love, one of those that must be lived at a distance, only through fantasy, in the most recondite places of the mind and heart of the lovers.

In general, this type of love is aimed at people who, until further notice, are “impossible”. Yes, those people whom, for whatever reason, you cannot get close to, either because they are too far away physically or because they represent a high risk, an imminent danger. It can be the boss, the best friend’s boyfriend, the uncle’s wife and even famous people, who live a very, very different reality from the reality of the one who loves them. In short, compromised or unavailable people.

As a subject of poetry, let’s agree, it really gives a lot. It yields. However, on a day-to-day basis, if you spend too much time looking at or, worse yet, placing too many expectations on forbidden hearts, it’s time to review your beliefs about the possibility of actually being happy in love.

The fact is that we all have beliefs that ultimately exert significant influence over our most intimate choices. Even more so when they are unconscious, that is, when we don’t even imagine that they are guiding us. And the less we know ourselves, the less we observe our actions and the dynamics we establish in the relationships we live in, the less we are aware of which beliefs are determining who we attract and who we reject.

So, if you are used to discovering yourself in love with people with whom you know that, no matter how great the desire may be, nothing will ever happen… Then it is time to question yourself and, in silence, wait for the answer: why do you prefer precisely what is not possible? Why do you associate love with difficulty, pain, anguish and frustration?

Could it be that, deep down, you are so afraid of being interested in someone who is available and, faced with the real possibility of commitment, you don’t know what to do, how to act, how to show what you feel and who you are? Or maybe you are so well settled in that place of being unlucky in love that you would not know what to do if you realized that you are the architect of your own luck.

In short, the reasons that can lead someone to choose the most improbable and tortuous paths in the search for happiness and the realization of love can be many and varied. And if that is your case, the only person who can find out what your motives are is yourself!

My suggestion is that you at least look at yourself, question yourself, at least try to realize what your fear is, what are you clinging to, what door still needs to be opened inside you for love to flow light, free and loose in your life?

And you can be sure that, sooner or later, without being intimidated by your right to be happy, you will find yourself loving well and truly, with all the blessings of the universe and of the most important people in your history!

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