Find Out If He Is In Love With You, With These 6 Clear Sings

He thinks about very special compliments. Is he in love with me?
An experienced man knows that women often receive compliments. Therefore, he will think of very special things for the lady of his heart to show her that he is looking very closely. He will go out of his way to give you compliments that only apply to you. “You have a great figure” doesn’t belong in this category, because everyone can see that. “I love the way you treat people,” would be such a special compliment, because in order to say that, he first has to watch you with interest for a while.

CAUTION. Here, too, it is important to find the right balance. If he constantly butter you up, it can quickly become too much and make him seem needy. You don’t get an extraordinary compliment every day, otherwise it wouldn’t be anything special.

He can’t take his eyes off me
If he’s really into you, you’ll always feel his eyes on you. Because he wants to see how you laugh, how you move, how you act. He keeps looking for eye contact, even if you’re not standing right next to each other? This is a strong sign that he literally has “his eye on you.”

CAUTION! There is a difference between interested glances and stares. If you find his stares too intrusive or uncomfortable, or you feel controlled, it has nothing to do with infatuation.

Is he in love with me? Because he pays attention to my preferences
He still went to the health food store specifically because he knows you like that very special yogurt that is only available there. When you’re together, he puts on the new music from your favorite band. He surprises you with a sunflower because he knows how beautiful you think it is. And when you share gummy bears, he leaves you all the red ones because you like the red ones the best. These are all strong signs of his affection for you. It matters to him what you like and don’t like because he wants to make you happy.

CAUTION. A man who always wants to please you may be unsure if he is good enough for you. If it’s all about you, it’s boring in the long run and possibly a sign that he has a great need for validation. Again, balance is key! It is important that you can communicate both needs.

He really listens to me
Does he listen carefully when you tell him things? Does he remember things you mentioned in passing? Then you can assume his interest is genuine!

Example: You are spending time with friends and are talking about your favorite series. Suddenly he tells you that you had a crush on Mac Gyver when you were a teenager and smiles mischievously at you. Or he asks how your little nephew is doing, even though you’ve only mentioned him once. If he’s listening that closely, he wants a connection with you.

CAUTION. Even if he’s into you, he doesn’t have the right to put every word you say on the scale. If he scrutinizes and discusses everything you say, you should become skeptical. Because you certainly don’t want him to take every little thing totally seriously and thus restrict you.

He is there for me. Does that mean he loves me?
Does he pick you up in the car, help you move or with other everyday problems? This way he wants to show you that he cares about you and spares no effort to make your life easier. In this way, he proves to you his masculine qualities as a doer and protector.

CAUTION. Pay attention to the balance of give and take! If you constantly give him the role of doer and protector from the beginning, he will think you need a “savior.” This often attracts insecure men who have difficulty with confident, strong women.