You need to let go of past baggage to attract a soulmate into your life!

Your soulmate finds you when you are authentic, fulfilled and happy. Your light is so strong that it attracts them like a magnet. When someone needs a partner to feel happy and whole, some of that light is lost. Here are five steps to transforming yourself into the person who can attract a soulmate into her life.

Let go of the past
Whether it’s resentments or happy times, let go of what’s keeping you tied to your ex-partner because it’s holding you back. You can’t notice new options and ideas because the past will cloud your mind. You need to let go of past baggage to attract a soulmate into your life!

Heal your heart of emotional wounds
It’s difficult to get into another relationship when you are still emotionally and mentally wounded. As long as you have unresolved issues from the past, you can’t guarantee that you will be yourself. Identify your emotional wounds and take action to heal them. Feel them and let them go. You need to be emotionally clean in order to feel the vibration your soulmate is drawn to.

Prioritize your own needs
Take better care of yourself. Exercise, eat healthy, set healthy boundaries that protect your energy without showing disrespect to anyone. Make sure you have time to rest well when you are tired. Do the things that make you happy, do the activities that inspire you, learn the things you are passionate about.

Vibrate at a high frequency
Negativity, cynicism, anger, nerves have a low vibration. These, in turn, will make you attract people who vibrate at the same level. Strive to vibrate at a higher frequency level. Doing things that make you happy, fulfilled and bring you joy helps. Vibrate at the highest level when you are yourself without apologizing for it. The best way to get here is to follow your purpose, surround yourself with positive people who inspire you to be yourself and do the things you are passionate about.

You need to vibrate with true light so that your soul can feel and be drawn to you!

What is the key to attracting your soulmate?
The key to attracting your soulmate is to follow your purpose without thinking you need a soulmate.

When someone is looking for answers as to why their soulmate is not showing up in their life, it is most likely their fault. They are needy. They need a soulmate to be happy and to feel whole.