Is He Interested? 5 Signs He Likes You

How do you know if a guy is interested? We can’t promise we know exactly how guys think, but we’ve put together a list of 5 sure signs that he likes you. Whether it’s his body language, a look or the way he acts around you, here are the signs of crush you don’t want to miss!

He takes every chance to see you
A sure sign that he’s interested is that he takes every opportunity to see you. You might mention in passing that your car has started to sound a little strange. Then he suddenly shows up to take a look under the hood. A guy who likes you wants to be with you, as often as he can. What you do is less important, as long as you’re together.

A guy who is interested will contact you – often
If a guy likes you, he’ll let you know. He doesn’t want to risk throwing away what you have. Maybe he calls you every day, just so you don’t forget about him. If you want to know who likes you, take a look at the call list and inbox on your phone. Whose name comes up most often? It’s probably the one who has the strongest feelings for you.

No one else is good enough for you
A guy who likes you does NOT want to hear you talk about other men. But he may not ask you to stop outright. Instead, he may try to bring down his rivals by pointing out their faults and shortcomings, thus proving how badly they actually fit you. Give it a try; mention another man next time you talk and see how your date behaves.

He’s generous and caring
Male and female can always be debated, but men often tend to want to take care of and almost pamper their favourites. Lost your pen? He’ll probably offer you his, and ask you to keep it. Are you cold? I’m sure he’ll let you borrow his jacket.

He’s /over/taggy when you see him
A man in love is not exactly the laid-back type. Because what happens in your body when you fall in love? Well, his brain is flooded with dopamine, and he might even get a little hyperactive. He may seem jumpy, oversensitive or just talk ridiculously fast. Maybe he sweats more than usual, or on the contrary becomes slow, nervous and clumsy. Be patient and have a little indulgence – he’s in love! And you know what it feels like to be in love…