13 Signs That You’ve Found The Person You Should Stay With Forever

You can recognize the great love by these signs
Is he the man of my life? If these 13 signs look familiar to you, this person is most likely your great love!

Do I love him? Does he love me? Is this really the great love? Those who dare to enter into a relationship are sometimes very afraid to commit themselves completely and totally. Maybe it’s not the big one after all?

If you’re wondering right now if this man is really the one you should spend your life with now, see if these 13 signs look familiar. The more of them you’re familiar with, the more likely it is that you and he really are the very best thing right now.

1 | Something nice, bad, special happens to you and the first thing you want to do is to call this person and tell him everything!

2 | If you quarrel, it is bad and stupid and sometimes quite violent. Still, you both know that it’s just an argument and that you’ll find a solution – but that it doesn’t mean the end of your relationship.

3 | You can’t stand the thought that this person is not well. Is he tired, sad, anxious? You just want to make him happy again. And he feels the same the other way around. This caring is super-important for any happy relationship.

4 | You sometimes just look into each other’s eyes, speechless, amazed that you two have really found each other and are allowed to be so happy together.

5 | When your favorite person is gone, you don’t feel complete.

6 | Your family and friends keep telling you that it’s so nice that you two have found each other and that you look sooo happy together.

7 | You are not afraid to show each other how you really are in front of the other. No make-up or sad – if you dare to drop your everyday masks in front of each other, it’s a beautiful sign of your intimacy. But be careful: Please do not strain this intimacy too much. Your partner should never become a garbage can for your soul. If you always whine to the other person about how bad and mean the world is, you spread negative feelings. No one wants to endure that forever.

8 | You like to do each other small favors. He makes you sandwiches, you pick up food from the Chinese restaurant when his legs are tired from jogging. You like to do things for each other. These little niceties keep a relationship loving.

9 | You really enjoy spending time together. Free time in sight and the first thing you both think about is what you could do together. That’s how it should be!

10 | Conversely, you also like to let the other go when he needs time for himself.

11 | You talked about the future and it didn’t feel silly, weird, too much or too soon.

12 | You would trust each other with your lives. If you have to go to the hospital, he will come with you and if necessary wait x hours in the waiting room. If he has to write down an emergency number somewhere, he will of course write down your number. That’s how it has to be! People of the heart should always be there for each other. Without ifs and buts or doubts.

13 | Other guys don’t turn you on. Sure, there are three million beautiful men out there. You notice them, too – but you’re not interested in getting to know them because you already have the absolute best man in your heart. And this man obviously doesn’t get the idea to look at other women … Go for it, you two belong together! Don’t let this love be taken away from you!