These 4 signs are particularly unlucky in love

Everyone knows at least one person (unless they’re themselves) who, despite their gorgeous looks, brilliant mind and stunning charisma, is unlucky in love. Whoever you meet, the relationship will bleed from the start and within 2-3 weeks you’ll find out that you’ve hooked up with a real idiot.

When it comes to love, Cancer is all-in. It prefers to spend every moment with its partner, and even the smallest conflict is a tragedy. Unfortunately, this is not always tolerated by the other party.

Once a Virgo falls in love with someone, they are sure not to look at anyone else for years to come. If the affair goes well, this is a commendable attitude, but if it ends in a break-up, this sign will mourn like a hermit for several years.

Have you ever felt that a relationship could have been perfect if you had met the person at a different time and place? Well, welcome to the world of Capricorn. This sign slips into other people’s lives at the worst possible time.