5 Toxic Behaviors Not To Take With You Into Your Next Relationship

From every interaction we have in this life we learn something, we also have a good lesson to learn, an angle from which to look at the benefits, a change for the better. The same goes for our relationships that have come to an end: we learn the lessons of love and try to find true happiness in the future couple.

You turn into who your partner wants you to be
Some people figure out very easily what other people want from them, and always pleasing your partner or agreeing with them even when you think otherwise only turns you into the person they would like to have around. But how do you find happiness when you’re not yourself?

How do you attract around you what suits you when you hide your true inner values?

In your future relationship try to be yourself, read more, find the right answers especially from experts and not from the internet or friends.

Value yourself through your partner
If he has a good impression of you, so do you, if he no longer has a good impression of you, neither do you. The real value in relation to the various events in our lives should be given by ourselves, because we know best what our intentions were and what we can do next. Moreover, your partner may speak out of turn on your nerves, but that does not mean you have to take everything he says to heart.

Try to know yourself above others, set your goals, boundaries and your path independently of your partner. This independence will do you a lot of good in your future relationship.

You let him make decisions for you
There are certain decisions that only we can make, such as those related to our image, intimate life, studies and career.

No one can decide for us and under no circumstances should we be forced to make certain choices, such as about dropping out of school, taking courses (e.g. for a car license), starting an intimate life, taking responsibility for fertility (e.g. decisions about birth control) and so on.

It’s our life, it’s our body and no one can decide for us. Those around us can give us advice, but the decision must be in our hands alone.

These constraints, both the above and others (e.g. giving up a girlfriend or friends, relationships with family members and so on) do not exist in a healthy, mature, committed love relationship.

You want to heal his soul, to save it
Some people have a “soft spot” for partners who need help, especially the psychological help needed to overcome their traumas and heal spiritually.

In this situation, getting closer to a relationship with that person does not necessarily bring happiness, balance in the couple, the desired effects. On the contrary, such a relationship can affect the situations of both partners, can aggravate their problems.

You think your happiness depends on your partner
Many therapists and spiritual healers tell us that only we ourselves are responsible for our own happiness. Of course those around us contribute to a better, more beautiful life, to meeting our emotional and social needs, but without inner balance, without knowing ourselves and making peace with ourselves we cannot ask others to fill the gaps in our “heart”.