How does a man in love behave?

Do you care about him very much, however, you are not sure that he cares about you too? There are some indications that will help you resolve this dilemma. You will know by this that he really loves you. It’s not just a willingness to talk.

He plans your future
If a boyfriend plans your future together and sees you together in a few, a dozen or even a few decades, it means that he is thinking about you seriously.

He looks into your eyes
Does he look into your eyes in such a way that your knees bend under you? His intense gaze indicates that he really likes you.

He wants you to meet his parents
If your boyfriend wants you to meet his parents, this is also an indication that he is thinking about you in the long run. In his mind, you are officially a couple and he wants you to meet his loved ones.

He listens to you carefully
Doesn’t your beloved just quash what you say with the usual “aha” and ask questions when he’s interested? Remember that if he listens to you, it means he really cares. Sometimes you even get the impression that he needs to know everything? As long as he doesn’t tell you what to do, but is simply curious, this is good.

He touches you often
If a boy has a constant need to touch you, it means he really likes you.

He wants to spend time with you
Has he given up going out with his friends to stay with you when you’re in a bad mood? He cares about you, and that’s a good indication of his intentions.

He is willing to compromise
Do you happen to quarrel or have different opinions on a particular topic? If he is willing to let go and compromise, your relationship has a really good chance of turning into something serious.

He speaks up first
If you wake up in the morning and there’s already a message from him waiting for you on your phone, it means he’s thinking about you all the time.