It all starts with yourself. It takes being love to attract love.

Does true love exist? And if so, how do we attract it into our lives? You know that wonderful, enduring love that means so much more than butterflies in your stomach and the fact that you love going to the movies together.

In his latest book, Does True Love Exist?, Vishnu offers concrete solutions for finding your true love. These are based on his own life experience and his own journey to finding love after a painful divorce from the woman he was head over heels in love with.

Vishnu believes that it all starts with yourself. It takes being love to attract love. Fear not, it is not impossible or complicated.

You can become love in six steps
The first step you can take is to cleanse yourself of negativity through awareness and healing of emotional trauma.

The next step is to forgive. Forgive all the people in your life who have hurt or wronged you in order to free yourself from unnecessary baggage.

Listen to your intuition. Let your innate wisdom guide you in every choice you make.

The fourth step is to learn to cultivate joy in your life and live life in a high vibration. Gratitude for the good that exists in your life can help raise your vibration.

The next step is to be open to the opportunities and people that come your way. Don’t say no, embrace them.

The sixth step is to pay attention to the signs that guide you – they appear all the time when we pay attention and really want them and to give thanks for every blessing in your life.

As soon as you begin to let go of limiting beliefs and preconceived ideas, you will begin to shine. You’ll find it easier to recognize red flags early on and avoid getting into toxic relationships. You’ll be able to say no to people who aren’t right for you and stop wasting your time with uselessness. You won’t be afraid to be alone for a while knowing that you are allowing the Universe to fill the empty space with the person who is right for you.

Follow these tips and you will discover that true love exists.