How to save money, depending on your sign

Today, women balance many aspects of life – career, family, social life, and all of this not only for themselves but also for their partners. Time is money, but these days, money is time.

Here are some tips on how you can save depending on the sign you were born under.

Women born under this zodiac sign need to be careful how they deal with impulses when it comes to shopping. You’re the most targeted sign when it comes to those little products strategically placed at the checkout counter in stores. When you go shopping, make a list. If something isn’t on the list, don’t buy it. Try to identify whether your desires are based on need or whim.

The Taurus woman tends to be practical when it comes to savings. That is, until a redecorating plan comes into view. You can trust your intuition to keep you from buying those fabulous linen sheets. The ones you already have are enough for now. Instead of buying seasonal decorations, try repurposing things you already have in storage from years past.

Geminis need to curb their desires a little and appeal to their intuition a little… and their bank statements. You’re so busy all the time that you tend to buy one thing in duplicate, just to save the time you’d waste trying to find something similar. Turn off the lights and TV when you’re not using them. You, more than any other zodiac sign, get the biggest maintenance bills.

The Cancer woman reading this is already sensing that it’s time to cut back on spending at the supermarket. Try planting your own greens instead of spending big bucks on them in eco stores, buy in bulk instead of buying by the piece and you’ll still manage to give your loved ones the sumptuous meals you’re so famous for.

Oh, when it comes to the Leo woman, we have to tell her to curb her desires to expand her wardrobe as a matter of urgency. Brands don’t impress, it’s the woman herself. Try to look for quality, even if it’s clothing pieces from lesser-known stores. Your style is more important than anything else. Hair and manicures can also be arranged at a lesser-known salon for a much more reasonable price.

Virgo is, by nature, quite practical and resourceful when it comes to spending. She knows how to listen to her instincts and knows what to buy and from where! She’s a real role model when it comes to finances. The only thing she has to make sure of is that the money she saves brings in the highest possible return. Find out what deals the banks can offer you, what interest rates, etc..

Because the Libra woman finds it so hard to make a decision, she ends up paying more for a product because of gas consumed on so many trips to the mall. She buys it, returns it, etc. Try to visualize yourself putting gas at the most expensive prices possible again, and how the amount at the pump increases by the second! And now look at the product you want to buy? Is it worth it?

We all know what they say about Scorpios and it’s true! The Scorpio woman can save a lot of money by cutting back on underwear, wine and chocolate. You have enough lingerie in your closet to pose an army of models for an entire catalog. You’ll get results with the pieces you already have, too!

The Sagittarius woman needs to do more research when it comes to travel. You can continue to travel the world, while still trying to plan your trips in advance to take advantage of the discounts this brings. Try to go on an off-season holiday this year with a well thought-out plan and you’ll be able to save enough to afford a second holiday.

The Capricorn woman works very hard for the money she earns, so she’s inclined to buy only quality things that reflect her hard work, but also make up for the money she spends. Compare prices a little more and follow your instincts. Indeed, you deserve the best, but if you pay a little more attention to the numbers, you’ll be able to buy quality things for less money.

The woman under this sign rarely goes on a shopping spree, but when she does, she manages to spend all the money she has. Aquarians are also curious and seek the truth. Despite this, when you end up in a bookstore you don’t have to buy every title you find in the field you’re interested in. Moderation is key for this sign.