What Do I Do If I’m Very Jealous Of My Boyfriend? 3 Tips You Need To Read Today

Here’s how you can deal with the jealousy you feel.

Jealousy in a relationship appears when there are insecurities in the middle that, if reinforced, cause anguish and anxiety isn one or both of you. Love becomes control and worry about knowing about your partner when he or she is not with you. If you are dealing with this situation, here are 3 tips that will help you in your courtship.

Tip #1 Trust in yourself

The most important thing is that you start with confidence in yourself. From who you are and what you are worth, so that you know with certainty that your partner chooses you every day for something. That you are unique and you are giving everything you have to offer in the relationship. There is nothing else you can change because it is your essence.

Learn to trust yourself and little by little you will be able to realize that you are valuable and you don’t need to try to compare yourself with anyone else because we are all different and our details make us unique.

Tip #2 Perspectives

Keep in mind that being in a relationship is not synonymous with being worried or insecure about your partner. Also, this jealousy should not be encouraged as a game, because a courtship should be based on trust in the other person, as well as communication and patience.

If you notice that your partner is the one who drives and unleashes this jealousy with his attitudes, talk to him and let him know how you feel. If instead it is due to a past trauma, try to see that they are different relationships and people with different actions that should not mean that history repeats itself.

Tip #3 Go to

If you find that you’re having a hard time dealing with your jealousy, maybe it’s time to take some time for yourself, to think, move on and slowly overcome that trauma. Maybe you weren’t ready for a relationship yet and it’s valid to recognize that so you don’t keep hurting yourself and your partner.

Take some time for yourself in which you resume activities that make you happy, give you peace and reunite you with your pure and confident version.

Take note of these tips and improve your relationship leaving aside jealousy that only represent barriers to communication and trust in courtship.