9 signs that he is NOT your man

You fell in love and he took you over for good, you’re flying in the clouds and you think you’ve finally met your soulmate. That’s wonderful, but … The man doesn’t always turn out to be the one we’ve been looking for all our lives. How do we know if our feelings are clouding our mind and the whole world is shining pink?

Psychologists say there are a few major signs that say you’re wrong, you’ve messed up, and it can cost a lot of pain. Let’s look at them individually.

Quick to get you into bed as soon as possible
You may even claim to have fallen in love at first sight. Unfortunately, love at first sight in most cases turns out to be just ***ual attraction. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t guarantee a serious relationship. Men often make confessions and make false promises just to get into bed with a woman as soon as possible.

You are a hermit in his world
A man in love wants to share his happiness with loved ones – parents and best friends. He is proud of his choice and wants to show off to the woman he loves, bringing her into his social circle, thus demonstrating that she is an important part of his life. But even if after a few months of relationship you do not know his friends, this is a reason to think about the sincerity of his feelings. Maybe for some reason he doesn’t trust you or considers you just a temporary option.

You have nothing to talk about
He’s gorgeous in bed, you spend passionate nights, but then there’s nothing to talk about. You try to get to know him better, but he just avoids communication. You try to find an interesting topic to talk about, but are met with a wall of silence. It turns out that nothing else connects you besides physical contact. Most likely, he doesn’t see you as a person, but sees you as just a woman for fun.

He doesn’t like your social circle
Of course, he doesn’t talk openly about it, but allows himself unflattering comments about them. He says that they influence you badly, that they are losers and pull you down, that they are boring and don’t know how to have fun. Yes, your friends don’t necessarily have to like it, but statements like that show disrespect for you. It disrespects your choices, your interests, your friendships. Do you really think such a person could be the hero of your novel?

You feel unwanted
You’re at the beginning of your relationship, but he doesn’t find room in his schedule for you? You’re looking forward to meeting him, but he’d rather meet friends. Are you sure this is how a man in love behaves? No.

He doesn’t care about your problems
Support is an important foundation of a partnership. You understand this well, but isn’t this the first time you’ve been left alone with your problems? Of course, a man is not a magician, but if he demonstrates his indifference to your demands and problems, then is it worth taking him seriously and hoping for a happy future?

Since you are with him you cry more than you laugh
This is a clear sign that you are going out with the wrong man. When there are more reasons for tears than joy, the relationship starts to fall apart and reaches a dead end. We’re not talking about moments of crisis here, but the constant background of your relationship. If you think this state of affairs is normal, then it’s time to deal with low self-esteem and complexes. Think about it, would a self-respecting person agree to suffer all the time?

Unknown future
You’ve been together for over a year, but there haven’t been any changes in the relationship. He says nothing about the future. You don’t know if you will live together, get married and have children. This is normal if you are very young, but if you are over 30? Do you feel like your train is going nowhere? It’s time to talk to your man honestly and find out what he thinks about the future of your relationship.

Do you have to pretend
You try to look the way he wants and immediately get rid of anything he doesn’t like. Now he’s finally happy, but are you? Perhaps deep down you understand that by trying to please him you are losing yourself as a person. If you have to pretend with him, then that only says one thing – he doesn’t want to accept you as you are and you will only be together until you get tired of wearing a mask…