How a woman kills a man’s interest in her

It has happened to many – at first he cared about you, and then suddenly disappeared without a trace, lost all interest. Very often the reason lies in the woman herself, who, without even guessing, killed the man’s interest. Psychologists explain exactly how everything happened.

You began to pursue him
Rule number 1 – a man will not run after you if you run after him. If you start texting him, calling him, inviting him somewhere, showing too much interest, why would he bother courting you? Let him take the initiative and don’t deprive him of the pleasure of captivating you.

You went to bed with him too early
When a man realizes that you don’t need much coaxing, then he stops trying because he perceives you as “easy.” And he doesn’t care much once he gets the basics from you. And he may even stop appreciating you in general once he realizes you’re ready to “fall into his arms” quickly.

Inappropriate behaviour
If you start acting like his mother or wife and you’ve only just met, you’ll quickly kill his interest in you. He needs fun and euphoria, love and lightness, not heaviness and tension.

If you’ve revealed all your cards
The moment you do this, you are no longer a mystery to him. You talk too much and tell him in detail what you are doing, where you are going and with whom. But men like it when there’s a slight veil of mystery – they find it arousing.

You strive to satisfy all his needs at all costs
This makes you seem too approachable, too easily adaptable to his schedule. But that only tells him one thing – that he doesn’t have to make much effort, he already has you and you’re not going anywhere to escape him. You’re letting him be lazy, and that’s not interesting.

You don’t have high standards
You have to have high standards for how you are to be treated. For example, if he cancels a date with you, you shouldn’t just accept it, especially if it happens often. Otherwise, he will take advantage of your kindness and continue to ignore you. If he realizes that you approve of his bad behavior, he will continue to violate your boundaries with even greater zeal.

You settle for little
If, instead of demanding what you deserve, you settle for what you are given, that is very bad. Perhaps you are afraid that otherwise you will scare him away or seem presumptuous. But if a man likes you, he will respect what you stand for, what you deserve. This will show him that you respect yourself.

You are constantly with him
And that can get boring. He needs time to himself and needs to understand that you have things to do and a life apart from him too.

You make a fool of yourself
Many ladies think that men like ditzy women, but this is not true. When you pretend to be dumb and helpless, a man is left with the feeling that he has to look at you like a little child, which is annoying to say the least.

You act arrogant
Sure, you need to know your worth, but when you look down on everything and “play it” ice princess, it’s very off-putting.