Relationship Problems: 10 Proofs That Your Relationship Is Making You Unhappy

Sometimes the relationship just ripples along. Everyday life returns, the quirks are known and accepted, surprises are absent. But are you really happy? Or are you perhaps stuck in a relationship that is actually making you unhappy?

Is it possible to be unhappy in a relationship without really being aware of it – without big fights and catastrophes?

It can actually happen without you realizing it right away. Sometimes it’s just a small, subconscious feeling that creeps in, but doesn’t come out under the cloak of habit.

You can only recognize the small signs of this if you really deal with yourself and your feelings. A psychologist now offers help for this – revealing the 10 proofs that show us that our relationship is making us subconsciously unhappy.

you are no longer yourself
“Who am I?” If this question triggers a queasy feeling in the, it usually speaks to the fact that you are unhappy. When we change so much in a relationship that we are strangers to ourselves, we suffer inside. Our partner should bring out the best in us – and let us be the person we really are.

you don’t feel comfortable in your skin – a sign of being unhappy
The first point goes hand in hand with a dwindling self-confidence. In the arms of your partner you should feel safe and loved – which is a wonderful feeling and also strengthens our self-confidence. Insecurity often also has something to do with a lack of appreciation in the relationship.

you are quickly annoyed
You never wanted to become like this – and suddenly you are a nag yourself. Think about whether your partner really gives you a reason to be annoyed – or whether you are just unhappy.

you still make yourself pretty – but not for him
An evening with friends – you style yourself. An evening with your partner – you don’t even put on makeup. Don’t get this wrong, there’s nothing better than feeling completely comfortable in your relationship. But that doesn’t mean you let yourself go.

you spend a lot of time alone: and you like it.
Some people prefer to spend time alone more than others. But if your social behavior has changed a lot over the course of your relationship and you prefer to be alone rather than with your partner, you should consider whether you’re still happy.

you don’t appreciate your partner anymore
If you have to think long and hard before you can think of what you like about your partner, it seems that the relationship is no longer intact.

you expose him
There are few things worse in a relationship than exposing each other. A relationship is built on trust. You are a team – and even when there are problems, they are never unpacked in front of others. Putting each other down creates distance and doesn’t belong in a relationship.

you are not looking forward to your partner
After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than… time alone? In a happy relationship, you look forward to your partner even in stressful times – they should be the calming influence.

you plan alone
When was the last time you planned something together? If you find yourself making plans for the future, but he’s not a part of it, you’ve moved further away from the relationship internally than you may realize.