6 facts about men that will really surprise the ladies – scientific evidence

Here are 6 facts about men that will make you look at them in a new way.

Many argue that men and women are like beings from different planets. And that’s actually because the logic, thinking and psychology we have are radically different. And it turns out that the mysteries lie not only in beautiful ladies. The stronger physical contact is also filled with many contradictions and unsolved mysteries.

These 6 of the most amazing facts about men that may seem like fiction, but are actually the truth itself.

A man spends almost a year of his life looking at women
According to a survey of 3,000 respondents, it turns out that a man spends an average of 40 minutes a day contemplating women. These could be colleagues, girlfriends or just beautiful strangers. It turns out that as many as 259 hours a year a man looks at women. An impressive figure, isn’t it?

Men lie twice as often as women
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment conducted a special study in 2009. According to it, men lie to their co-workers, boss or partner up to 6 times a day. In turn, women do this only 3 times a day. Now it’s clear who the real liar is, right?

Men appreciate compliments from other men more than from women
It’s generally accepted that the stronger physical contact is quite excited when they hear compliments from the lips of women. But, in fact, men are very receptive to compliments from other men. Robert Herbert from Binghamton University proved that members of the stronger physical contact are quite wary of compliments and thank them only 30% of the time. But, if a man receives a compliment from another man, it is perceived as praise from an equal, which significantly self-esteem.

Men like women with a healthy weight
According to a study by scientists at the University of Granada, for men the main indicator of a woman’s health is her normal weight. It turns out that the representatives of the stronger physical contact are not at all enthusiastic about too thin ladies. Much more like ladies whose weight corresponds to the body mass index. This “speaks” to them on a subconscious level that such a woman does not exhaust herself with diets and will be able to give birth to healthy children.

Men like to feel sorry for themselves
Psychologist E. Riley in his famous book “The Psychology of Men and Masculinity” says that the strong physical contact likes to feel sorry for themselves. At the same time, self-pity in men is much deeper than in women. Perhaps that is why at the slightest indisposition a man immediately lies helpless in bed and pretends to be deathly ill.

Men fall in love faster than women
According to a study published in The Journal of Social Psychology, men fall in love faster than women. This can be explained by their gender role in society. Representatives of the stronger physical contact believe that they should take the initiative and therefore fall in love more often.

If he is in love, a man does not notice other women, except the one who has captured his heart

When a man is truly in love with a woman, he simply does not notice the others. Based on the research, it is proved that when he looks at the lady he loves, the level of the hormone oxytocin in the man rises, which makes him look only at her. And he really doesn’t care about anything else around.

As it turns out, men hide a lot of mysteries and oddities. Not only the female soul needs a switch, the male one does too!