What is the meaning of a look of love according to the experts

  • Good eye contact has the power to excite

A person who masters the art of expressing himself through his eyes can generate, in the other person, a reaction of excitement. The look of a stranger, when prolonged, can make one feel fear or anguish.

But when it comes to looks of attraction, it can cause a very intense emotion. You want to be with that person. Therefore, the meaning of a look of love, well executed, is an invitation to spend time together in intimacy.

  • Eyes reveal the honesty of a smile

According to psychologists the look can give away if a couple in love is happy or just pretending. Some people use the smile to fake happiness or to cover up any other emotion.

The key to distinguishing genuine happiness is to observe if the eyes are flattened and crow’s feet are generated at the ends.

  • If his pupil dilates, it is a sign that he feels love for you

When we are interested in something we pay more attention to our eyes and our pupils dilate. But, in addition, that loving interest makes us look more attractive. For example, in a study the size of the pupils in a woman’s photo was altered. By comparing the original photo with the altered one, the latter became more attractive to the observers.

  • When there is a reciprocal look, it is a sign of love

According to expert psychologists who study love and attraction, looks convey the love felt by two people. When two people look at each other frequently, closely and mutually, they are almost guaranteed to feel love for each other.

  • Eye contact lends itself to pretend love

A superficial person who is incapable of feeling love and yet likes another person can fake love by looking. According to research, a person who wants to fake love places more emphasis on eye contact. By putting more energy into his gaze he tries to convince his interlocutor that he is in love.

The meaning of a look of love cannot be faked, but it can be misinterpreted. That’s why don’t rely only on the look, look for other signs of love. Keep in mind that whoever looks with a true love does not need to demonstrate anything, he does not need to put more energy in his look.

There are times when a look says everything that simple words cannot express. But it is not easy to communicate with a look. Although women are more attentive than men to looks.

For most people, eyes are very subjective, but it is nice to think that someone is interested in us. So, learn to decipher the meaning of a loving look.

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