Was it made for you? – 12 unmistakable signs of chemistry between two people

Chemistry, or the invincible attraction between two people, is said to depend on hormones, or brain chemicals. So there’s nothing you can do about it, but you can tell if it’s real. Because it’s not always obvious. But these 12 signs, experts say, are a surefire sign of chemistry.

Surprising, isn’t it? But the “opposites attract” theorem doesn’t work here. Chemistry starts strongest between two like-minded people with similar interests.

When you’re on the same page in humour – and specifically in a bit of mean-spirited, nuanced humour – it takes it all. It creates an amazing attraction between you, it makes you like two magnets.

Interestingly, when one party instinctively wants to get the better of the other, so doesn’t respect, it’s a definite chemistry killer. Equality. That is also a key word.

If you involuntarily mirror each other, i.e. imitate each other’s movements, gestures, facial expressions, that is also a surefire sign of true attraction. It’s also very cute.

Little details
If you’re really into someone, you’ll remember the smallest detail about them. That little tuft of hair behind her ear, or the fact that she mentioned she had a peanut allergy. You remember everything because the other one is almost imprinted in your brain.

Not awkward, but pleasant. If you are able to be calmly, naturally quiet around each other, it certainly means that chemistry is doing the talking for you.

Real affection does not tolerate masking, faking. If two people are sincerely attracted to each other, they are sincere with each other. That openness is one of the best things about it.

Time flies
If you’ve been together for hours and it feels like a moment, and of course he has, you’re in place.

We’ve already mentioned this one. But it also means that you’re both equally taking your share of the budding romance: the conversations, the togetherness.

Physical contact
If you can’t go a minute without touching each other, anywhere, even the pleasure of a little finger touching is unmistakable. The chemistry is raging between you.

You act like a couple
This comes later, when you’re already in a relationship. If you still can’t keep your hands off each other, if a quick kiss or hug is part of your daily routine, then bingo: the chemistry wasn’t just a flare-up, it was a lasting flame. You can build on that.