How do you impress a woman you love?

It’s a question most readers ask themselves: how do you impress a woman you’ve had a crush on for a long time? As you’ve probably noticed, when you try to make an effort to get her attention, she always tends to think that you are pretentious or that you are far too self-confident. However, with some learning and some great seductive techniques, you will succeed with your fingers in your nose.

Whether it’s your next-door neighbor, your co-worker, the supermarket cashier, or a girl you met on the Internet, the rules of seduction are always the same. But be careful, before continuing your reading, you must understand that there is no miracle recipe, the advice I give you only concerns the fundamental basics.

Give yourself over to something you have mastered.

Let’s not hide it: a card trick, which is very simple in appearance, but which is well thought out, always makes a better effect than a very complicated card trick, which in the end is a failed attempt. For example, avoid going into something you don’t even know how to do. It’s true that her profile says she’s a motorcycle enthusiast, but there’s no need to be a smart-ass when you don’t have a license.

If your first goal is to impress this girl, make sure you share your emotions with her. And indulge your passion. If all you’re trying to do is impress her and you’re just trying to convey your nervousness to her, you’ve lost your way. Show her that you’re in control of what you’re doing, otherwise you’ll miss what you’re trying to do right from the start. And that brings me to my next point.

Don’t overdo it

You know what women really like? Men who have very simple techniques to impress women. You know that woman loves to ride a motorcycle, so you decide to take her for a ride? Unfortunately, you’re scared to death of motorcycles. Instead, you’ll be able to exploit other activities that you’ve mastered. First, ask yourself why she’s so attached to motorcycles? Maybe it’s because she loves the adrenaline rush they provide. From there, you can find something. You can take her to the back of your bike and scare her a little by zigzagging between pedestrians.

Remember, the only thing that matters is not getting a big buzz out of it. Rather, it’s the magic of the moment you share together. As long as it’s an intimate and joyful moment, you don’t have to worry. The goal is to give her a moment she will never forget. Even if it’s not really what she expected from you, surprise her! In fact, this is precisely the goal you should set yourself if you really want to impress her.

Play humility and discretion

I’m going to ask you an interesting question, if you have to choose between two people who would choose you: the one who shows these talents little by little, and therefore offers more intrigue and surprise, or the one who spends his time bragging and trying as best he can to impress you? Surely, you will turn to the one who has kept a little mystery. To make you understand, women love that mysterious side because it has the greatest capacity to surprise, to attract attention and to trigger that feeling of wanting more. And in the game of seduction, this is very important.

If you try to reveal all your strengths at once, not only will you fall into the “peacock doing the wheel” syndrome, but on top of that, if you don’t fall directly on an area that attracts it, it’s a sure failure. Whereas a benefit that you know how to show at the right time ensures a more positive effect. You dance like a God and you have filled his eyes by starting a little Battle in a nightclub? That’s fine. On the other hand, if you dance very well, but decide to show him your talents on your first date in a very chic restaurant, you risk making a huge flop.

Banish the obsession with love

Even if you think you can attract her in this way, avoid putting women on a pedestal. Above all, don’t idolize them. They are not fragile jewels that you must, and everyone else must, protect at all costs. Whether it’s a stranger or a girl you’ve had a crush on for a long time, don’t let yourself get too drowned in her so-called “perfection” or “purity”. If you do, you may not be doing the right things in the right way. Too much pressure makes you do the wrong things.

So, before you start, get it into your head that no one is irreplaceable. All beings in this world, even the girl you love so much, are replaceable. And with time and experience, you will understand this. In order to succeed, avoid handing yourself the stick that will be used to bring you down. Don’t let a girl know that you think she’s perfect, because she’ll have no trouble taking advantage of the situation.

Knowing that no means no

You really want to impress? Learn how to say no! Relationships are like any other relationship where power has a significant place. From time to time, let them know that you have beliefs and territory to defend by saying no. But not all the time anyway.

If you offer her a date on a Thursday, for Saturday, and she asks you to confirm the next day, don’t even waste time trying to impress her. She just wants to keep the door open to other proposals and see if yours is the best one or not. In everything you do, remember one thing: no is no, yes is yes. There is no half answer or half measure.

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