I’m of the opinion that not all people want a successful relationship. Why do I say that? Because I’ve met too many couples where one partner couldn’t get a break if they didn’t argue with the other that day. Strange, isn’t it!

Strange or not, it happens.
But today we’re not going to talk about that, we’ve prepared some material for those of you who want a successful relationship. What is a successful relationship? It means a relationship based on respect, it means that partners are willing to build together, to grow together, it means that they look at each other with love and desire, respect each other’s privacy and let go.

You are together for the right reasons.
It’s wrong to accept someone or stay in a relationship because of pressure from family and friends. No one can decide who is right for you. It is wrong to accept someone or stay in a relationship just because you are single without a partner. Just because at first glance you form a perfect couple is not a good reason to stay in a relationship either. What makes a relationship work is genuine admiration on a deep level.

Have realistic expectations.
The expectations you have of your partner should be the same ones you are able to meet. And it’s healthy to have expectations that you know the other person can meet; don’t go by what you’ve seen in movies or read in magazines.

The most important factor in a relationship is not communication, but respect.
Yes, communication plays an extremely important role in a relationship, as does physical contact, but that doesn’t mean that having those two makes everything go perfectly. Respecting yourself and respecting him is a great proof of love. There’s no point in talking to the moon and stars, no point in knowing all your secrets and weaknesses, no point in having physical contact that makes the neighbours bang on the wall at midnight if respect isn’t there… the relationship is just a story that will burn itself out sooner or later.

Talk openly about absolutely anything, especially things that hurt you.
This doesn’t mean that all your discussions are limited to worries, annoyances and keep a heated tone. Of course, it’s important to talk about future plans, what makes you happy, dreams and desires, but by no means neglect the dark clouds that occasionally appear on the horizon. Talking about what is bothering you and what is weighing you down will prevent other problems from arising in your married life.

A healthy and happy relationship involves two healthy and happy people.
Love yourself first if you want to be able to love and receive love. Be solely responsible for your own happiness if you want to be happy in a relationship and bring happiness into someone else’s life.

Respect your personal space.
As great as love and longing are, each of us needs personal space. Respect your privacy! If he goes out one night with the guys or you go on vacation with the girls, it doesn’t mean your relationship is in trouble.

You and he will grow and change in unexpected ways.
Embrace them! Change is nothing to worry about, it doesn’t mean you are no longer going in the same direction, it means that two people don’t have to be like two peas in a pod to love each other.

Be good at fighting.
It could be said that life consists of a series of battles that we have to win. It’s not enough to face them, because some wounds heal, others leave scars. Train together so that you emerge triumphant from all the battles life will engage you in.

Learn to forgive.
Pride has no place in a relationship! It should be the law. I can’t stand to see partners playing who on who. It’s not showing weakness if you let go.