10 Tips For Dating A Stressed Person

You think the three-day rule always works.
If you don’t text me right away, I’ve forgotten about you. Swosch, on to the next one.

There is no “take it slow”.
Since we don’t have enough time, we might as well go on a weekend trip right away. Just that my weekend will be one day max and I want to catch as much amazing stuff as possible during that day. Let’s take Paris and London on the same day ok?

You want to play it cool and be a little vague.
Hahaha, stop pretending. Either you want to be seen or you don’t. SO many times I’ve been asked “maybe we can work something out on Thursday” and then expected to keep Thursday open in anticipation of a real date request and then they get pissed when I haven’t totally booked Thursday in the calendar. Tell me what you want to do, what day, at what time, at what location and we’ll book it. Vagueness is the worst thing in the world.

You never have to worry about planning a boring date.
I already have a whole list of things I want to do but haven’t got round to so I can give you a laminated A4 that you can just tick off. Check!

You want to be spontaneous and plan something fun at the last minute.
Hahaha, good luck. You think I can go to the movies later tonight and you text me at 4pm? Uh, no way. This Tuesday has been planned for three weeks now. I have pilates and a drink with my girlfriend. Next time, check my schedule, okay?!

You never have to worry about whether they like you or not.
If I take the time to answer your texts or meet you, you KNOW I’m interested. I rarely have time to put body lotion on myself so you’ll know that if I choose to have coffee with you, you’re important.

Don’t be late.
This time thing can become a bit of a love-hate thing for you as I will ALWAYS be on time for you (which is great) but then I also expect you to ALWAYS be on time for me (which is a pain).

Don’t count on purity.
Expect both body odor and dirty clothes because even if I’m excited to go on a date with you, it’s very possible that I didn’t make it home to change after the workout or that I’ll come straight from the Indian cooking class full of curry on my sweater.

Don’t try to make suggestions from the menu at the restaurant.
This girl has already checked the menu online and knows exactly what to order. Time saver, yes please!

You have to cancel a date – don’t count on getting another one.
While I would be understanding and would like to give you another chance, I don’t have a free night for another three weeks and you know what happens if I don’t see you for three weeks…read point 1 again.