Long-term Relationship: How Do I Prevent Myself From Falling Out Of Love?

Love can be lost – sometimes we fall out of love without meaning to and realize (either suddenly or gradually) that our feelings for our partner have changed or are simply no longer there. Sometimes this is simply the course of events or the result of a development that we or our partner have made – but basically you should always work on a relationship to prevent an involuntary falling out of love.

Do what newly in love do
Even if you’ve been together forever and a day: go on dates! Do nice (not everyday) things together on a regular basis. Taking turns surprising each other (once a month, for example) keeps the love fresh. Dates don’t have to be bungee jumping adventures every time either – a new restaurant or the new exhibition in town also guarantee quality time away from the daily grind.

By the way: If both of you are severely limited by work and everyday life, a date on the sofa and a new massage technique can also strengthen love.

Pay attention to each other
Ask your partner how his or her day was and put the cell phone away and look him or her in the eye when he or she talks to you: sounds obvious, but the longer a relationship lasts, the more important it is to give your partner your full attention when you spend time together. The trick is not to take your partner for granted, even after years.

Chose your battles: address or accept quirks.
There are quirks of a partner that drive you up the wall endlessly… In such a case: Don’t keep quiet, but address them openly and honestly (in a good moment, not when you are sitting high on the hog…). In the case of minor quirks that are annoying but not serious: Accept them and at most laugh about them inwardly – don’t get hung up on them, no one is perfect.

Take and give space
Relationships benefit immensely when both partners also do things independently of each other and allow themselves to be enriched outside their relationship, in turn enriching the relationship: be it relaxation and exuberance or a story to share: Happy relationships also need impulses from outside, so that no gray everyday life can arise.