10 Clear Signs That He Is The One

Who please was the ex again?

Thoughts of one or the other ex-partner? There is not with him! Simply and alone because you no longer need the old stories and loves in your life. Because this is big. Very big.

Without words

With him there is no awkward silence. Because he understands us even without words. Sure, it’s wonderful to talk for hours about Life and the world, but with him you can be silent sometimes. And that is something special.

Arrive. Feeling secure
Everyone is a little crazy now and then, but with him we feel normal. Even better, when our nerves are on edge, we’re freaking out or crying like a castle dog, he knows how to cheer us up.

just be yourself

He knows all the good and bad, knows how we look in the morning when we just emerge from the pillow with tousled hair. He likes us just the way we are. Without push-up, without Spanx, without make-up and without big ballyhoo.

trust instead of jealousy

He is not jealous because he has trust. He also doesn’t freak out when another man looks around or talks to us. Why? Simple: he knows that our heart belongs to him.

sniffing is a thing of the past

The word “snooping” is no longer part of your vocabulary. Neither are distrust and spying. One trusts him and would not know any reason not to. His cell phone, his e-mails, his Facebook account? Uninteresting.

small sacrifices

He does things for us that he wouldn’t do otherwise. Simply because he loves us. He watches French romantic dramas with us, even though nothing could interest him less. And he takes us to this dance class that he actually thinks is terrible. And all this just to see us shine.

always close

He’s always there when you need him. When a family member is in the hospital or you’ve just hit rock bottom, he shows you that he’s there – and you don’t even have to ask him.

quarrel? No, thanks!

You can argue with him fairly, because he’s all about solving a problem, not just letting out his anger. He would even rather back down for this than argue rudely with us.

The family is sacred

He accompanies us to the nursing home when we visit our grandma, and he does it with a smile. He would never complain when the family comes to visit, and he even finds our father’s jokes funny.