7 little signs that will instantly tell you if you have chemistry

As wonderful as it is, the early days of a relationship are just as confusing and full of uncertainties. When you know next to nothing about each other, you go on a date or two, you get excited, you laugh in confusion and of course you’re constantly trying to find out what the other person thinks about it all. And, of course, you’re constantly checking to see if you have that chemistry with each other that everyone is looking for.

In many cases, you can tell from the first date – or even a glance – whether or not you have chemistry with someone. However, she stresses that there are some small signs you shouldn’t overlook when looking for a long-term partner. Below are 10 of them to watch out for on your next date!

Eye contact
If it’s not uncomfortable, and in fact downright natural and comfortable, to lose yourself in each other’s eyes, you’re almost certainly on the right track.

It’s important to pay attention to your subconscious movements here. If you find yourself naturally touching him or wanting to get close to him often, the chemistry between you can be strong – especially if you get excited by a touch! And if you can’t wait for him to touch you, you’re almost certain to be a winning couple.

Smile and laugh
You’ve probably noticed yourself smiling or laughing a lot, wittingly or unwittingly, around the guy you’ve just liked or fancy. (We don’t mean the boisterous, fake, I-want-to-call-you-to-look-out-for-me laughs!) Laughing a lot is also a good start because it indicates that you have a similar sense of humour, which is important in the long run.

If you get to know someone and initially see them as a friend, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put them in your friend zone. After all, many relationships start with friendship – and therefore a much stronger foundation. The important thing is that you’re willing to spend time together, have fun – that alone can mean you have chemistry! Romantic feelings sometimes take time to develop.

When you’re with him, do you feel like time just flies? If a five-hour conversation feels like two minutes, we’ve got news for you: you almost certainly have chemistry! After all, it’s essential for a long-term relationship that you connect intellectually during a conversation.

When you’re sitting down with a guy, it’s easy to get distracted by anything, whether it’s the band playing in the restaurant or some special item on the menu. However, if you’re spending time with someone you have chemistry with, this definitely won’t happen!

Have you ever sat in awkward silence with someone on a date, even for minutes? Well, if you had chemistry, this wouldn’t happen, because with the right guy, silence is no problem either. If you don’t feel like you have to start talking about something stupid just to break the silence, you’ll make a great couple!