Top 10 Love Tips

If your man says he’s not ready to commit, he’s really not ready to commit.

Watch out! This first advice is certainly the most important of all. On several occasions, I have told you that man is commitment are not necessarily incompatible. But this does not mean that all men are made for commitment. If your man or your target says he doesn’t want to commit, it means he doesn’t want to. So you don’t have to find all the means to change his mind. And there’s no point in holding on to the hope that he’ll change his mind sooner or later. All you can do in this situation is thank the other person for being honest with you and continue on your way if you are not interested in this type of relationship. Otherwise, you can live alongside him without hoping to go any further (i.e. marriage will never be on the agenda, what to do with the children is not in his priorities, etc.).

Don’t pretend to share her passions

Some will tell you that to get a man or woman’s attention, it is permissible to pretend to be interested in his or her passions. Big mistake! It is true that in the first stage of seduction, this little extra will open a lot of doors for you. But if you succeed in going further, you risk making a bad impression and losing completely the confidence that he/she had in you. Let me put you in a situation: on the first date, your target tells you how much he/she loves hiking. To make it “like”, you also tell him/her that you are a big fan. But then, on your second date, he surprises you by scheduling a special day of hiking for a ransom. How are you going to react? To avoid having to face this situation, the best thing is always to be yourself!

If he doesn’t call back, it’s because he’s not interested.

Don’t have any illusions: a man who really cares about you and wants to be yours will be able to move heaven and earth if necessary. Besides, many people will put the small dishes in the big ones to receive even a smile from you. Therefore, if after one or more dates, it does not appear any more it is for an obvious reason. But that doesn’t mean that you have to make a decision within hours of his “radio silence”. Nowadays, some men wait for the woman to make the first move. Without wanting to put too much pressure on him, try to feel the ground to see if there is still a chance or if he doesn’t want to follow up on this nascent story. If you really want to clear your head, don’t hesitate to ask him again.

An argument doesn’t mean you don’t love each other.

In one of my last articles, I wrote about the benefits of couple arguments. Indeed, contrary to what one might think, just because you argue often (or occasionally) doesn’t mean that your relationship is already doomed to failure. It’s true that continually tearing each other apart can hurt after a while, but the little fights you have every day or at the beginning are not a bad sign. It’s a necessary passage to test the strength of your love. And if you find the right keys to get out of it with your head held high, you’ll see that your relationship can even evolve greatly.

Addiction is to be avoided

Never, oh never, depend on your partner. Whatever the outcome of your new love story, it is essential (I would even say obligatory) to keep your independence. It is simply unthinkable that you have to change everything to prove to your lover that you care about him or her. He is not the navel of the world and that must never change. You can continue to go out with your friends, you can keep your old habits and your evening rituals, you are not obliged to give your cat up for adoption, you have the right to always have your own little secret garden…in short, you have no interest in changing your life or leaving the one you already have for someone else. But beware all the same, keeping your independence should not mean that you have to abandon your couple at the expense of everything. You need to find a balance so that everyone is not left behind.

Never search your phone

It has become a habit for some women. And yet, being a weasel is really not the best role you can play in a love relationship. First of all, this attitude is simply rude. Second, even if you feel deep down inside that your partner is hiding something from you, playing the intruder is not going to calm your suspicions. On the contrary, it will make you psychopathic… or even a little crazier than before. And finally, anything you find on the phone or in your partner’s private messages will be enough to raise a lot of questions in your head. And if you do it on the sly, know that the day he finds out what you’ve done, a big fight will break out. This doesn’t mean that he really had something to hide and was afraid that you would find out, but that he was disappointed that you invaded his privacy.

Make it clear that you’re not taken for granted

Remember this article? I was telling you that people who run away from you tend to follow you. And that the people you follow tend to run away from you. Whether it is today, tomorrow or in a few years, this statement will always be true. So, if the person you’re with starts to feel that you’re about to slip through their fingers, they will do whatever it takes to keep you in their life. Therefore, if you show him that you are already acquired, he won’t hesitate to look elsewhere. However, I would like to specify that this rule is especially applicable during the seduction phase. And if you really want to make an impression, know the difference between “not being acquired” and “playing dead”.

Your boyfriend is not your girlfriend

This may seem obvious to some, but is not necessarily so for others. Indeed, we tend to want to consider our boyfriend as our best friend. Which isn’t really a big problem…if you find the right balance. There are limits that you must not interfere with and rules of life that you must strictly respect. For example, the topics of conversation that you are going to discuss with your lover really shouldn’t be the topics of conversation that you are going to discuss with your girlfriend. You should also not think that everything you do with your girlfriend can be done with your fiancé. If he doesn’t want to go to the esthetician with you, it’s not because he doesn’t love you or is ashamed to go out with you, but simply because he doesn’t want to.

If the love story doesn’t work out, don’t consider it a failure.

Often, when a love relationship does not succeed, we tend to categorize it as a “failure”. And yet, it is not always a failure. Quite the contrary. If you’ve had bad results, think of this love affair as an experience from which you’re bound to learn a lesson. You’re down, yes, but it’s how you bounce back that matters, not how you fell. Feeling sorry for yourself is one option, but certainly not the best one. Instead, try to understand why the pickup was so bad and find ways to prevent it from happening again.

Communication is the key to all problems

It may be hair-pulling, you may say, and yet this is one of the wisest pieces of advice you will ever hear. If something is bothering you, if you want to change something, if you are happy with your partner’s behaviour: communicate! Communication is, indeed, the medicine of many ills. And besides, if you keep everything to yourself, how do you want to find a solution to all your problems? How do you want the other person to know that you don’t like it when he does this or that? Don’t wait for things to escalate before you talk. As soon as you feel that something is out of control, talk to your partner. But be careful though, it’s really not advisable to always call your man in as if he were in court. You are not a judge and he is not an offender. Always use a tone that encourages discussion and find the right words to express your feelings.

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