Although we have the chance to live it every day, from the first breath to the last, love remains a great unknown to mankind.

Love cannot be demonstrated, but we know when we love, we know what we feel, and it is impossible to express or translate those feelings into words.

According to experts we cannot verbalize love because each of us perceives and experiences it differently. “Love is a state that acts on us at different frequencies, with different intensities, being an energy that we have known since we were children. At the same time, in the Universe, there is an energy in antithesis to love, namely fear, and both should be blessed, because they help us to value life more. In the absence of fear, love cannot exist, and this theory is applicable in our world, that of relativity, being a dual system, which helps us to learn and grow continuously, knowing “good” and “bad”, in order to be able to sing, evaluate and use the two energies properly”.

The experts says that on a cognitive, spiritual and empirical level, humans know two dimensions of love, namely absolute love and earthly love.

Absolute Love.
“Many masters simply call it “Love”, with a capital “I”, because it is the essence or source of All That Exists, it is the Singularity, the place from which we all started. It is from that Absolute Love that everything began, and as the waves of the Big Bang still travel through space, so does “Primordial Love” flow through our veins and manifest through us. The good thing is that we each have the possibility to live this kind of love, if we manage to listen and live the energy that “dances” all around us, all we have to do is to constantly cultivate the special resonance of that in our inner life”.

Individual Love.
It is the form of love that each of us knows and can feel daily throughout our lives. It is the unifying and healing energy that we project to others dear to us. It comes from within us, sorting between negative and positive emotions; projecting the positive ones to other human beings or, why not, to animals or flowers. Intuitively, due to receptivity, our love will magically reach the recipient of our good thoughts, the frequency of this type of energy being perceptible to each of us. However, Individual Love emitted to human beings is filtered through the prism of the human psyche and is more or less limited. It combines with our thoughts and feelings, with the ancestral fears imbued in our subconscious: the fear of not being good enough, of not being worthy. Our senses, our mind and ego, give us the experience of separation and distinction, our human filters, bringing different ‘flavours’ to what love is: mother love, romantic love, love like in the movies, love of nature, compassionate love.

How does one make the transition from Individual Love to Absolute Love?
“Known in the yogic world as the Sadhana of Love or the Practice of Love, this is our daily treatment for the discrepancy between what love is and the mundane offered by the everyday. It is this daily practice of love that creates our state of peace, acceptance, kindness, oneness, and can be a foundation of spiritual life, consciously cultivated.

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