7 Weird Signs You Do When You’re Secretly In Love

You stare at your phone hoping for a text back
You hear your phone chime and you can’t help but be annoyed when you don’t see your crush’s name on the display. And when you post a new selfie, it only matters if your crush likes the picture!

You relate EVERYTHING to your secret love
You read your horoscope on several different sites and relate every little thing to your secret love. “Something unexpected is going to happen this week” immediately brings to mind that he’s going to ask you out on a date!

You talk about them all the time
Your friends know what you’re going to talk about when you call. They know what you’re going to talk about on your lunch break. The only thing you seem to be talking about right now is the person you’re in love with.

You stalk almost everyone in your secret love circle
If you see that your crush has been tagged by someone or liked a picture of someone else, you start stalking those people too. Is this his girlfriend or someone he’s dating? Of course, you have to find out.

You have secret conversations with your crush
The day you start talking, you need to be prepared. So you rehearse in front of the mirror or in front of a friend what you’re going to say. But once you get the chance, you say something completely different and you’d rather hide under a pillow for the rest of your life.

You get annoyed when you waste your best outfit (and they don’t see it!)
It’s Friday and you’re hitting it big with your best outfit in the hope that your crush will see how good you look. But what doesn’t? Your crush isn’t at work today and you’ve worn your best outfit – completely unnecessarily!

Your best day is when …
… you manage to see your crush and they see you. Even better is when you manage to get a smile and a “hello”. Now you can die happy!