A real woman cannot tolerate these things if she wants a good relationship

  • Excuses if frequent can make your relationship toxic

One of the things you should not tolerate from your partner and yourself is excuses. I’m not saying that things should be perfect. Making mistakes when doing something new is understandable. But making excuses for something frequent is going to hurt the relationship. You have to clear up what is going on and not allow it.

We all make mistakes sometimes, but a real woman doesn’t tolerate excuses that cloud her relationship. A strong woman knows how to apologize and accepts her partner’s apologies. But she does not allow excuses to be made for everything. An irresponsible partner is not good for the relationship.

  • A real woman does not tolerate being kept from promise to promise

Another thing that a really strong woman does not tolerate in a relationship is promises in the air. A woman with good self-esteem can accept your failure once or twice. But she will be preparing to leave if you do it again.

Don’t promise a girl what you can’t deliver, don’t play on her feelings. Only a girl with very little self-esteem can allow you to fail her again and again. If you promise something, even something very small, to a strong woman, you better keep it.

  • A strong woman does not allow or tolerate a lack of respect

At what point does a relationship become toxic? When there is a small sign of disrespect. A woman becomes attractive when she adds self-respect to her lifestyle. That way they are clear about how they deserve to be treated.

A woman with good self-esteem will not tolerate contempt or even the slightest bit of disrespect from anyone, least of all her partner. If a man does not respect a real woman who does not tolerate these things, he will lose her. A real woman with strong self-esteem knows she deserves the respect of others.

  • A free and independent woman does not accept to be controlled by her partner

One of the things that bores a real woman in a relationship is control. A woman becomes strong when she decides to be independent. She does not tolerate dependency and a loving relationship with a man who tries to control her will not work.

Love is freedom, but when there are emotional deficiencies it is confused with emotional dependence. A happy and independent woman cannot be told what she can or cannot do. They are responsible for their lives and don’t need anyone to make them happy and bring down the moon.

  • A conformist man pushes away a real woman, he does not tolerate it

When a woman has a strong self-esteem she knows what she wants and does not need a man to achieve it. That’s why, if a conformist man touches her, the relationship won’t last. A real woman, sure of herself, does not tolerate conformism in her own life and less in her partner.

A woman who knows her potential and has big dreams knows what she wants and looks for people with the same qualities. If a woman wants to progress, she is not going to stop just because a handsome and charming but conformist man touches her.

  • A man addicted to lying will not last with an honest woman

One of the reasons why women get bored with their partners is a lack of honesty. A real woman, with a great sense of honesty, will not tolerate a man who lies. A woman expects loyalty from the man she loves. If there is no loyalty it will not work.

A single lie to a real woman who loves honesty can be the end. A sincere apology has to come with a complete change of attitude. One more lie and she will quietly withdraw. How can you build a loving relationship with someone who is dishonest?

  • A man who cheats on a woman does not deserve her tears

One of the things that makes a woman fall out of love is the deception of the man she loves. What does a man think about when he deceives the woman he claims to love? No woman deserves a man of this kind. If he catches you playing with her, there is no justification for it.

A real woman who values herself and knows what she wants is looking for a man who will commit. They are not interested in men who don’t know what they want. If a man just wants to have fun, it’s better that he says so from the beginning.

  • There is no healthy relationship with a man who doesn’t communicate

Another thing that disenchants a woman from a man is her lack of communication. He doesn’t answer calls or messages and doesn’t say where he is or if he is busy. A really strong woman does not tolerate the uncertainty of miscommunication.

A healthy relationship requires a lot of communication. A confident woman does not wait and does not depend on what her partner does or does not do. Lack of communication and commitment is one of the things you should not accept from your partner.

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