You feel like you’ve known each other forever
You’ve just met him, but you feel like you’ve known each other since childhood or even earlier. You try to figure out where and how you met before, but nothing can explain your feeling.

Telepathy works
Surely it has happened to you to try to call each other at the same time or to say the same word. You happen to think alike or speak alike and there are situations where you don’t realize it. This signifies a connection beyond words.

With him you feel “at home”.
It doesn’t matter the place, the time, the date, it doesn’t matter if you are hungry, thirsty, cold or hot, if you are next to him you feel like you are where you are supposed to be, you feel like you are “home” and nothing can compare to that feeling.

You can’t imagine yourself next to someone else
Your life without him seems meaningless, colourless and lifeless. You try to imagine yourself without him, but no image appears before your eyes. You feel that he is your past, present and future.

What you feel cannot be expressed in words
It is often too little to tell him that you love him or that he is your half or soul mate. It is too little to tell him that next to him you don’t need anything else. It is too little to tell him anything, because your feelings cannot be expressed in simple words.