The 4 Zodiac Signs That Can Radically Change Their Lives In 2022

Horoscope. The year 2022 will help some zodiac signs reinvent themselves.

In 2022, Jupiter, the planet of opportunities will have a more special transit. Between January 1 and May 11 and October 28 and December 27, Jupiter will be in the sign of Pisces. And between May 11 and October 28, Jupiter will be in Aries. These transits will certainly leave their mark on the lives of Aries and Pisces, but let’s not forget the opposite signs, i.e. Libra and Virgo.

Those who are marked in these four signs can start over, let go of what isn’t working, change their lives radically or make some totally different choices, regardless of age, status or education.

Aries/Aries Ascendant
You’ll have to take a step back. At least until May 11. Just what an Aries native doesn’t like, right? It’s true that in 2021, you’ve taken the next step, you’ve made enough plans and strategies. And you’ve even laid the first bricks. The first day of 2022 also comes with a Moon-Mars conjunction in the 9th house, which shows you have a pocketful of ideals. But transiting Jupiter in the 12th house wants you to take care of matters out of sight first. Healing. Your health or that of your loved ones, and your physical and emotional health. April 12 will give a conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune, an aspect that will dissolve all your expectations about life and personal beliefs, which are very sinful. When Jupiter begins to transit your sign on May 11, you’ll get a cocktail of energy and confidence. Which you will consume until October 28, when Jupiter returns to the 12th house again. So if you want to launch a project, make an important change, set your calendar now for May 11-October 28.

Virgo/Ascendant in Virgo
Jupiter will be in the 7th house of relationships from January 1 to May 11 and October 28 to December 21. So there will be plenty of time to slow down on work and be willing to meet new people. Around April 12, Jupiter will make a conjunction with Neptune. This aspect is like an astral warning. When choosing a partner, do your best not to be fooled, don’t have blinders on. That is, don’t fall in love with someone with serious emotional problems or addictions that are hard to cure. Those who have been in a functional relationship for some time will decide to make it official. Painful relationships will have two possibilities: healing or breaking up. Partners may give themselves another chance or realise that being a victim no longer brings them many advantages. Either way, expectations that the partner will change will be bankrupt from the start.

Libra/Ascendant in Libra
Between January 1 and May 11 and October 28 and December 21, Jupiter will transit the 6th house of work and lifestyle. This transit is meant to either exaggerate your workload or help you change your location or even field. Either way, you’ll be quite industrious. Your health will suffer if you don’t change your habits. Those who know themselves to have chronic problems may find specialists in 2022 to help ease their suffering. But what’s most important is Jupiter’s transit from October 11-28 in the house of relationships and partnerships. A great time to meet your long-dreamed-of partner, get married or find the courage to get out of a dysfunctional relationship/get divorced. Mars, the ruler of relationships, will be retrograde from October 30 – January 12, 2023. So like it or not, the end of 2022 will confront you with the emotional issues you’ve been running away from.

Pisces/Ascendant in Pisces
If we had to pick one key word of the coming year, it would be unconsciousness. Jupiter will conjunct Neptune on April 12, a conjunction that occurs once every 13 years. Both Jupiter and Neptune are considered your rulers. Their conjunction can help you to dream far, to dare more, to move easily past self-sabotaging tendencies or those of total sacrifice. It’s true that Jupiter-Neptune talks about the dissolution of individuality, but as far as you’re concerned this is not the case. Perhaps you’ll be able to shake off the victim clothes you thought suited you. The year 2022 may come with expanding your family, a bigger house, the power to fall in love again, or the acceptance that you can’t change your partner. Romance and creativity will be at amazing heights. Many of you may take up an artistic passion or some techniques to manage your emotions.