What is the most significant proof of love we have received?
Search your memories, relationships or friendships; what was the one thing that made you feel truly loved? You can then think about what others can make of love and how you look at others’ gestures.

We all seek love, even when we don’t know what it is, as an inner need that cries out in each of us. But we may often look for what we think we want and not what is suitable for us. Here are some questions whose answers will lift the fog in our lives and activate the law of attraction, bringing love our way.

Who am I?
When we search within ourselves, we also discover our needs. Identifying our identity and uniqueness, what we love, what we want to do in the future, what we embrace in our lives and what we want to let go of, identifying our style – all of these help us to discover ourselves, become more balanced, take off our masks and know better what we are looking for in life.

When we are honest and authentic, we also attract people around us who see the values we are looking for in ourselves (and not in the masks we sometimes wear), thus allowing us to meet more people with whom we resonate.

What do I think makes me happy, and what has made me truly happy?
Sometimes there is a difference between what we think makes us happy and what truly brings us inner joy and contentment.

Take a blank sheet of paper, divide it into two columns by drawing a vertical line with a pen, and on one side, write down what has made you happy from your past, from childhood to today. In the second column, fill in what you think would make you happy in the future. You may be surprised to discover some of the opinions in the second column… you now question.

What is my model of love?
Maybe you did experience a genuine love relationship, regardless of how your life as a partner changed afterwards. You’ve either watched a movie, read a book or had friends that you inadvertently consider a model of a fulfilling love relationship.

Then list, on a piece of paper, the key reasons why you consider that model to be a happy relationship. Then write down what would spoil a deep loving relationship. Don’t be afraid to go into detail; it’s the only way to discover more clearly what your soul needs.

What’s the most significant proof of love I’ve shown someone?
This question helps you to think about how open you are to give and discover what you consider necessary about the love you give. You can think of many more proofs of love to all who have entered your heart.