How to find out if someone loves you but won’t tell you

There are people who keep romantic relationships for long periods of time without ever finding out where they stand in the relationship. At one point in your relationship, one of the members may wonder or want to find out if the other party loves you but won’t tell you.

Even at the beginning of a relationship, it’s hard to tell if someone is with you just for physical contact or pleasure or because something else comes out of love. It can become difficult if that person doesn’t want a stable relationship and so it’s always a tug of war.

Details are very important to know to give a relationship credibility. The other person may not be very detailed and may not show anything natural to you. It is understandable that the person who loves you will never do anything bad that could affect the physical or psychological integrity of being loved.

Among the details to be specified is that this person will always listen to you. From minute zero to the present day, he or she is always looking out for you, your emotions, your surroundings, your fears and your worries. The interest is always constant and he listens to every last detail.

Trust yourself, take into account his plans and suggestions. He likes to talk about his secrets, emotions and problems that arise due to the great closeness he wants to have with you. He appreciates any opinion that is offered for listening, even if he disagrees, and he likes to hear what you think or feel at every moment.

He likes to spend a lot of time with you because he appreciates it. It’s not a physical contact thing, but he likes to share moments and details with you. That’s why you’ll always need to be there for the best support and a shoulder to lean on.

Although it may seem naive eyes betray this type of situation. His gaze is fixed, he looks at you even when he’s not looking and above all they return to that bright and smiling look, typical of a man in love.

The way he treats you is completely different from the others. You’ll notice that his tone of voice is different, he has a different way of speaking and even the words he uses are different. Another point to keep in mind is when you notice that he misses you, that every time you see each other he is very happy about the encounter. This is synonymous with the fact that he admires you and thinks about you when he doesn’t see you.

Loyalty is another way of showing how you feel. If there is a need to come to your defence, even if he has to confront someone, he will definitely do so. It’s his way of showing that he will protect you and keep that bond in every rule.

How to tell if a relationship is ambiguous
In this case, many of the above details can be deduced into simple outlooks that come and go. However, it may be that these are only small gestures that signify that he loves you, but generally does not want anything serious with you.

It doesn’t matter or interest you if you always have an ambiguous relationship, sometimes he has attitudes like the ones you describe and other times he makes you realize the opposite. He avoids touching on personal topics, so he usually doesn’t talk about anything about his personal life, your family or friends.

It does not suggest or elaborate on future plans. Nor does he make an effort to prepare for various things that might be fun for both of you. You feel that he does not want to interfere with your daily life you do not want anything to fit in with what it does with your life.

How to find out if he just wants to have physical contact with you
Undoubtedly, this is another reason why you might be suspicious if he wants you for something else or just wants to have physical contact with you. There are some pretty obvious signs that can make some types of relationships wary, with no goals to be achieved and no commitment to anything other than what it is.

In most encounters you are almost always having physical contact, and in almost all your conversations, both physical and text, they always turn to have physical contact.

When you meet, being together is almost always dominated by compliments about your physical or physical appearance. And in many cases, it is always the other party who likes to show off their body. He never stops trying to conquer you and get you into bed.

Conversations are loose He is never interested in talking about your life, or how your day went, or how you are doing, or ask you about personal problems. He is usually not interested in your life or anything to do with your friendships or past life.