4 tell-tale signs from your boyfriend that something is very wrong with him

There are many ways a man can try to ideologise why he can’t make plans with you, even down to what to do together next week. “Well, I’m such a freedom lover” “I’ve been working a lot lately” “why plan, I like spontaneity”. But the man who can’t even tell you whether he’ll go to a concert or a movie with you in two weeks doesn’t really count you as a factor at all, you’re not in his long-term plans at all.

Either he’s already taken, or he’s shrinking from any commitment, or he won’t say it, but he actually wants an open relationship, which means he can do anything behind your back.

Every girl I’ve dated has been too much
Beware of the man who says that all the girls he’s dated (except you, of course) have been crazy. In the beginning, you may tell yourself that you must be better than them because you were able to charm the guy, but sooner or later you will be “too much”, simply because you will have demands.

You never cared about bombshells
There are men who claim they don’t go for the best/most demanding women because it’s too much work, so they prefer to scout for B-grade women. On the one hand, this categorisation is offensive, and on the other hand, the laziness or lack of confidence is quite alarming.

I have no male friends
This man is either gay, or he keeps girlfriends just to get close to them and get laid. Although there are men who prefer the company of women, be careful. A few female friends are OK, but if there is no guy with whom he is friends and with whom he occasionally organises a social programme, there is something very wrong with him.

I’m not the type of guy
This doesn’t even need to be translated. And if he says so himself that he’s unfit for a relationship, listen to him and don’t try. It’s not worth it.