5 warning signs that your man is not in love, just a player of convenience

There’s no shame in longing for love – especially if you think you’ve already got it. At the same time, your instincts will always be brutally honest with you, and they’ll whisper if something isn’t working. The signs below can serve as a guide:

You never really open up emotionally
If you get the feeling that your friend is not opening up to you fully, then unfortunately this is a sad state of affairs. In this case, feel free to listen to your feminine intuition. If someone isn’t really interested in another person, they won’t even make the effort to show their personality and themselves. After all, he or she is not emotionally invested in the relationship. Therefore, deep down, he doesn’t care what you think about him.

He’s been jumping from one relationship to the next
If you talk about your previous relationships, you may notice a pattern in his past life, which may suggest that his main motivation in his love life was that he never wanted to be alone. He likes the attention and the benefits of being together, it’s also possible that he’s a relationship addict, but it’s quite likely that you’re not the number one factor in the equation. Because he never really commits emotionally, he will stay in a relationship for a long time at most because he is comfortable with the situation.

Very reserved in public places
If he doesn’t feel the urge to show his affection for you in public places – in fact, he explicitly hides it – it’s definitely a negative sign. Of course, there’s no need to have huge kissing battles in the busiest social spaces, but if he refuses to hold your hand or kiss you on the lips, you’re right to have your doubts.

Active relationship with exes
Yep, that’s another red flag. Once you get over it, why do you feel the need for constant communication? Sure, there are cases where someone has genuinely friendly feelings for an ex-lover, but if he’s secretive and uptight about the subject, something is not right. He can’t be that into you, because if he sincerely loved you, he would never put you in such an awkward situation.

Sometimes you feel like a stranger
There is nothing worse than a relationship where you constantly feel a lump in your throat. Or a tightness in your stomach. And not in a good way. Something’s not working. You can’t really explain why, but it’s often the case that when you’re alone together, you feel like a stranger. This happens for a reason and is not a positive sign.