9 golden rules for those looking for true love

Strong relationships cannot do without mutual respect and a show of mutual care. In the beginning, it may seem that lovers have no problems. However, experienced partners will assure you that this is not the case. It takes a lot of effort to maintain a long and happy marriage. Here they are, the golden rules of a strong relationship.

Don’t live in illusions
Perfect people and relationships don’t exist. Only lovers can idealize their partner, but even that is not forever. It doesn’t matter how many flaws you’ve found in your beloved. The main thing is the ability to accept them.

Do not think that relationships are a constant pleasure. Even the strongest couples sometimes run into problems. But if the relationship is built on mutual trust and understanding, difficulties can be overcome without separation. Falling in love passes, but true love lives on.

Mutual trust is the foundation of harmony
The rules for building strong relationships say that doubts and lapses lead to big scandals. Baseless jealousy, misunderstanding and unwillingness to listen to your partner ultimately destroy the foundation of love.

Mutual respect brings people together
For some reason, many partners think that mutual respect is automatic in any relationship. This is not always the case, so you need to work on this criterion. You should never try to completely change a person. He won’t be able to change radically, and countless attempts will lead to quarrels. You should always seek compromise and respect not only your partner’s interests but also his personality.

It is also extremely tactless to discuss your mate behind your back. It does not matter if the third parties are parents, best friends or little known people. No wonder they say happiness loves silence. Moreover, this way the partner will never know about the problems and will assume that everything in the family is fine. At best, he will hear about the difficulties from strangers to whom you have told this. And he will be justifiably offended.

Remember that even in a relationship, you are your own separate person
Self-respect is an equally important factor. The basic rules of strong and long-term relationships imply respect not only for your partner, but also for yourself. Many housewives are totally devoted to the family but completely forget about their interests. They become not members of the family, but its slaves, and then complain that their husbands stop appreciating them. A happy relationship does not require sacrifice. Even if all seems well at first, after months of such a life the consequences will be terrible.

Do not be afraid to talk about problems
Discussing problems with your partner is not only not shameful, but necessary. Psychologists have repeatedly shared stories when one of the spouses simply did not understand why his half is unhappy. And the misunderstanding was caused by long pretending and silence. That’s why you really need to communicate fully. We can’t always radiate only happiness, negativity is part of our lives. If there is a problem, discuss it with your partner and find a solution together.

Expressing emotions should not end in a quarrel
The basic rules of a strong relationship are not built on constant silence, but daily yelling will not lead to anything good. Every day we face a variety of events, but you shouldn’t take all the aggression out on your partner. Be considerate of him as well. If he’s had a bad day, it’s best to tone it down and prevent a scandal from brewing.

Don’t make empty promises
Two things are very important in love – trust and the ability to keep your word. It’s impossible to be loyal to a person who constantly lies and doesn’t keep their promises. Watch your emotional state, don’t talk nonsense in a fit of rage. Misleading your partner into believing and expecting something that will not come true will definitely undermine his faith in you.

Do not violate personal boundaries
Total control would scare any man. It is an expression of distrust and a gross invasion of privacy. If your partner doesn’t have feelings for you, even constant surveillance won’t help. This approach will only destroy your relationship. Your partner should have free time to devote to himself. And so should you. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Everyone wants to be alone sometimes. Show respect and get it in return.

Deal with your conflicts the right way
This is a real art. Some people prefer to quarrel because of an outburst of negative emotions caused by external factors. In the beginning, the method seems good, but over time it will destroy the inner self of each or one of the partners.