How To Find Out If He’s Really Into You 5 Signs

he is constantly seeing other women.

Just because he’s dating you doesn’t mean he can’t meet other women. But at a certain point, he should clearly choose you. If he still continues to “cast” women, you should look the other way.

he does not support you.

You’ve had a horrible day, you’re sick, you’re miserable. In this case, a man who likes you should show at least minimal compassion. However, if he cares zero about how you are doing, then you should seriously consider whether this can be a man for love and life.

He doesn’t let you be a part of his life.

You’ve been dating for a while now, but somehow you haven’t met a single friend, colleague, family member, or relative of his in all that time. You have no idea what he does for a living, what he likes to do in his personal life, or where he lives. Attention. Apparently he does not want to let you into his life. At least that’s what you could assume from his behavior.

you somehow have a bad feeling.

There is always a lot said about female intuition. And in the end, there is some truth to it. If you find yourself doing things you would never do otherwise, running after him, phoning him or even spying on him, then you should realize that the situation is weird – and anything but promising. If he liked you, there wouldn’t be such an imbalance. And you would certainly not feel constantly stupid, but quite the opposite: wonderful and loved. So be careful!

he says it freely.

Sounds self-explanatory. But it is nevertheless often not. Because when a man says, “I don’t want a committed relationship right now” or “I’m enjoying the free single life right now,” it happens again and again that we think in the shower of feelings, “That’s bound to change.” Big mistake. Just don’t tell him that you want to wait for him until he’s ready. This man is just trying to keep you waiting and one thing is clear: right now, he doesn’t want you. Sad, but true.